Hans Peter Luhn; Published in IBM Journal of Research and Business Intelligence Systems: State-of-the-art Review and Contemporary Applications. Business Intelligence has empowered organizations to derive data-driven IBM computer scientist Hans Peter Luhn, that the potential of BI was recognized. The article, titled “A Business Intelligence System”, described “an. Luhn, H.P. () A Business Intelligence System. IBM Journal of Research and Development, 2,

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His inventions have found applications in diverse areas like computer science, the textile industry, linguistics, and information science. It might be desirable to check each new document for duplication by comparing it with all of the documents in storage. The techniques proposed here to make these things possible are: Selective dissemination of new intelligwnce Based on the document-input operation and the creation of profiles, the system is ready to perform the service function of selective dissemination of new information.

Intellifence, an automatic system is needed which can accept information in its original form, disseminate the data promptly to the proper places and furnish information on demand. Whenever a profile agrees to a given extent with a given document pattern, the serial number, title, and author of the affected document, together with the action-point profile designation, are transferred and stored in a monitoring device.

The microfilm copy of the document is transcribed onto magnetic tape by a human transcriber or a print-reading device. Thereupon the monitor would select epter corresponding pattern from document-pattern storage and provide instruction for use as a query pattern in the ensuing comparison operation. As a result of these operations the profile of a given action point has been updated to reflect interest in a currently communicated hana. The action point must then relay this fact to the librarian sysgem discuss with him how the searching procedure or the query should be modified so as to improve the probability of getting relevant material.


The functions described so far have concerned themselves with documents admitted or acquired by the system from the outside.

Several sentences which rank highest in value of significance are then extracted from the text to constitute the auto-abstract. Today, hashing algorithms are essential for many applications such as textual tools, sysrem servicesdata-intensive research and cryptography among numerous busimess uses. The information to be discovered may vary widely and may consist of anything ranging from factual data to an extensive bibliography on a broad subject.

He also proposes “reporters” to periodically sift the data and selectively move information to action points as needed. This phase of communication is commonly referred to as information retrieval or, more broadly, as the library problem. In those cases where the document has been addressed specifically to an action point, the original is promptly transmitted to the addressee.

Since a history of the usage of the system is stored in the monitor, an analysis of its records will disclose the efficiency of bussiness operation. Together with proper communication facilities and input-output equipment a comprehensive system may be assembled to accommodate all information problems of an organization.

A Business Intelligence System – Beautiful Data [Book]

Intflligence findings may serve to adjust the system for optimum efficiency. This information is stored in coded form on a medium that may be subjected to serial scanning.

Petsrhe suggested putting information into buckets in order to speed up search. Presently, the difficulty of finding such relationships often results in improper decisions, wrong actions, inaction, or duplication.

A Business Intelligence System

Some of these are listed below:. Detection of an action point having given characteristics In the process of transacting business it is often desired to determine who concerns himself with a given subject. An information pattern is then derived from the query document in a manner similar to that used for normal documents. The document is now available both as a microfilm copy and a magnetic tape record.


After the war, Luhn entered the textile field, which eventually led him to the United States, where he invented a thread-counting gauge the Lunometer still on the market. Luhn spent greater and greater amounts of time on the problems of information retrieval and storage faced by libraries and documentation centers, and pioneered the use of data processing inyelligence in resolving these problems.

The use of individual printing devices is more effective than are centrally located devices serving several action businses. The usual type of question asked is: In this case the specialized system would each assume the role of an action point in the mother system.

hanw The comparisons are carried out on the basis of degree of similarity, expressed in terms of a fraction, for each of the profile patterns.

When q document has been created at an action point, a copy is produced, preferably in machinable form. It also appears quite feasible to share the system equipment among a number of organizations. This query document is transmitted to the auto-encoding device in machine-readable form. This type of document is essentially the product of action points and may be addressed to other action points within the organization or to external points.

Happy Birthday to the “Father of Business Intelligence”

The description is given in accordance with main functional sections of the system, each illustrated by the diagram. Pioneer of Information Science.

Both incoming and internally generated documents are automatically abstracted, characterized by a word pattern, and sent automatically to appropriate action points. Views Read Edit Epter history. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.