Public reporting burden for this collection of information is estimated to average 15 minutes per response, including the time for reviewing instructions, searching . The AFRS Form serves as verification of completion of the degree. To initiate the request, students must submit their Graduation Application and the. Request AF (Verification of Scheduled Graduation) from school *** Review all attachments in the TFOT guide and regularly check for updates on AFRS.

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The applicant must handwrite this statement.

It is a computerized battery of psychomotor tests. Item 28, D – J – Interviewer rates accordingly. This is enough to generate a valid overall GPA, and all applicants must qualify with the same Agrs requirements undergrad.

Only rated applicants can list two program choices. A degree qualifies for non-rated and rated if the degree is from a regionally or nationally accredited institution of higher learning.

Commissioning Helper

Refer to AFITable 1. List graduate or higher level education on page 7, Continuation Page. Use this checklist to ensure all required documents are in the application and in the afts location and sequence.

Ensure the commanders are aware of any waivers affrs may be required. These waivers should be used for applicants who have special circumstances that may affect future eligibility to apply e.

They normally have more than one counselor at each base, or have contingency plans for such circumstances. Fairness and an equal playing field. Do not include letters of appreciation, arrs, awards… list in the profile. Additionally, a morals or other waiver may be required, depending on the reason for the Article Applications with errors are held in suspense until the errors are corrected and the application is updated to “board ready” status.


What are the most common 143 that keep an applicant from getting selected? Include affrs information with waiver documents Article 15 actions, etc. It is used as an aid in the selection of pilot candidates. Individuals writing an LOR should state their relationship to the applicant and use specific examples they have observed leadership, moral character, talents, accomplishments, etc.

Refer to AFIpara 2. The ineligibility factors covered in this section are not all inclusive, but contain those that generate the most confusion.

Commissioning Helper

This starts with board 07OT01!!! What should be done if an applicant is disqualified medically for a commission? This guide does not explain the use of every form in the application; it is designed to facilitate preparation of quality applications.

This guide includes key terms and acronyms, guidance for preparing affrs BOT application, BOT checklists, waiver requests, selection board information, answers to frequently asked questions, and other related policies and procedures.

The Message will provide list of all selects and non-selects and detailed instructions. Additional flight hours will increase the applicant’s PCSM score. As a minimum, you must have the registrar’s certification signature a raised registrar seal is not mandatory. Rated applicants must be able to complete the selection process, attend BOT, attend Introductory Flight Training IFT if applicable, and arfs undergraduate flying, undergraduate navigator or air battle management training prior to age 30, and must be eligible to receive a conferred degree prior to age Mark “OTS” in 7A.


Counselors and applicants are no longer required to initial page 1. All pilot applicants must take the TBAS. The unit commander interviewer determines if applicant is an NES applicant. All records are required, regardless if from previous service or another branch. If a waiver is necessary, the application should reach AFRS no later than 45 days prior to the board convening date.

Letters of Pending Graduation

Follow the instructions on the form. If possible, a Major or higher should perform the interview.

TOS waivers must state justification for request. Rated applicants will also use this space to express why they wish to be a rated officer in addition to the above requirements. Enlisted manning, Cost of unfulfilled initial enlisted bonus and service reenlistment bonus commitments, etc. Non-rated applicants must be selected, graduated from BOT and commissioned prior afsr age Refer to website for program information: Fax the request to DSN: