Akg C B/ULS Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Akg C B/ULS Manual. Documents, presets, manuals AKG C B-ULS – Audiofanzine. with a C will find the acoustic advantages of an AKG The new C XLS and the C XLII offer . the C B-ULS the most popular, longest-lived.

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Update Unrecognized Zip Code. This feature is especially useful in combatting wind noise and stage floor vibration.

AKG C414 B-ULS instruction manual and user guide

Interesting idea to switch the capsules to see if the hiss follows the capsule Place your order by 5pm Wed Jan 2 and your order will ship the same day.

Preattenuation has been incorporated to permit the increase of undistorted maximum sound pressure levels by 10 or 20 dB for close-up recordings.

Manuwl don’t relish doing that because the components are densely packed. Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. I you do not see an damage you need to trouble shoot the circuit and parts.

As posted by a2d how do you know it is a damaged capsule?

Started by Silvas The Lab. All other parameters of the C B-ULS are met with the additional advantage of having ag limiting output transformer for the high-level low-distortion transmission of the very low frequency range.


Hope this helps a little. General Description The design of this large diaphragm condenser c44 is based on experience gained in long-term and worldwide operation of the previous models C 12A, C 12B, C comb and C EB-P. I opened the two mics and there is no noticeable damage.

AKG C B-ULS Microphone download instruction manual pdf

The small rim on the microphone shaft will prevent the adapter from accidentally sliding off, even when the fastening lever is not properly tightened. The elastic capsule suspension minimizes structurally transmitted noise from chassis vibration. The electronics of the microphone have been redesigned with special attention to the complete linear transfer characteristics of all electrical parameters.

March 24, A twin-diaphragm system enables the selection of different microphone polar patterns. Hey Chris are you sure b-ulw the capsule? The gold layer is deposited onto the diaphragm only on the outer side to prevent short circuiting to the main electrode when extremely high sound pressure levels are applied to the microphone.

Advanced Audio – AKG B-ULS

Read the C story here. Modern technology and reliable components now enable us to maanual additional features in the same space. I notice in DIY that there are a lot of experts on the The slope of the bass-cut filter is more than 12 dB per octave, the cut-off frequency may be set to 75 Hz or Hz.


The microphone meets the highest professional standards and will withstand normal rough handling in studio applications. I’ve seen those mics with drumstick dings in the grills and they still escape what seems certain death. The low inherent self-noise and the high overload point guarantees a dynamic range of this mic in the order of dB A-weightedwhich is substantially more than figures found in conventional microphones and associated equipment.

In Stock Update Location close. See any errors on this page? June 06, March 02, For purist engineers in the recording industry, we have provided a transformerless version of this exceptional microphone—the C B-TLII. Started by Crash The Lab. Otherwise have a mic tech do it.

I believe the teflon transducer is the one we are talking about.