DEQ – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: 80 . ALESIS DEQD • User guide • Download PDF for free and without registration!. Get Alesis DEQD Reference Manual Stereo Equalizer DEQ, DEQD. Get all Alesis manuals!.

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To avoid this, turn down the signal being sent to the DEQ To avoidthis, turn down the signal being sent to the DEQ Basics of Equalization 3 Multi-band application and results So far we have only dealt with cutting or boosting single This is because the DEQ takes into account the gain setting of all of the bands when an Edit Group is formed.

You would need two insertcables to make both of these connections.

Kind regards, Debashis Chaudhuri. Basics of Equalization3Here’s a description of what each function does. Page 70 5Program Charts57BlankStore one of your programs here.

Alesis DEQ Manuals

Page 33 Basics of Equalization3Basic operation: Page 68 5Program ChartskHz Sample Rate46Next Door NeighborIf you want to digitize your signal at a very low sample rate like11kHz for effect, bandlimiting it to half the sample rate approximately 5kHz will help you avoid some nasty soundingartifacts of the sampling process. An equalizer boosts or cuts a frequency range.

The DEQ is agraphic equalizer, which means it has many fixed frequency bandsthat can be cut or boosted. Audition modeNo doubt there will be times when you want to switch back andforth between different programs to determine which one is bestsuited edq230 the audio source.


Page 69 Program Charts51Proximity Effect52PresenceThis curve gives the signal a little more life when you want to getthe listener’s attention.

Alesis Stereo Equalizer DEQ User Guide |

Page of 80 Go. To use the DEQ as an effects insert device, you will need an insert cable not included. Page 34 3Basics of EqualizationBasic operation: Basics of Equalization3Multi-band application and resultsSo far we have only dealt with cutting or boosting single frequencybands.

Page 4 Constant Q vs. In the next illustration, the wider and more gradual curve represents a lower gain setting for a variable Q equalizer.

Alesis DEQ230 Reference Manual

It makes for a nicely balanced sound when listening at low levels. Try Some Equalization 1. No time for a sound check? Page 12 Important Safety Instructions Applications4Comb filteringYou’ll understand how this effect process got its name once manula the way it looks when recreated on the DEQ Page 41 Basics of Equalization3Channel CopyYou can use the Link function while editing to help set up identicalcurves on both channels.

I just made the same mistake Page 47 Basics of Equalization3Here’s a description of what each function does.

Troubleshooting Refer All Servicing to Alesis We believe that the DEQ is one of manhal best signal processors that can be made using current technology, and should provide years of trouble-free use.


They are what youwould call “Global” settings, in that their status is not stored with aprogram.

Program mode When this manual refers to Program mode, we mean the very top level of functionality of the DEQ To access Setup mode, first you must turn off the DEQ Program 00 is a “flat” program, and it’s easy to see why it’s calledthat: Page 8 Introduction This page intentionally left blank Page 54 3Basics of EqualizationIn the next illustration, the difference between a narrow Q and awide Kanual is seen: Inthe next illustration, the wider and more gradual curve represents alower gain setting eeq230 a variable Q equalizer.

If the equipment in your setup tends to alesls hot signals, you can use this function to prevent the output ofthe DEQ from clipping. Channel Level mode Channel Level mode allows you to adjust the output level of This symbol warns the user of uninsulated voltage withinthe unit that can cause dangerous electric shocks.

Artboard Artboard Artboard Artboard. The Preset programs are theones numberedwhile the User programs are numbered