When it comes to the MIDIVERB II, Phil South discovers that sequels can sometimes be better than the originals! Phil South discovers that sequels can be better. The Alesis Midiverb II is a full stereo professional quality multiple effects device that doesn’t require a professional to operate. This is a digital reverb that also has some effects of time and some chorus / flanger and pan. Note the conspicuous absence of transposition effect, EQ, or even.

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Small Print Terms of use Privacy. In here are all the effects that the designer wanted to put in but couldn’t feasibly fit into the other banks. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. There was a problem loading comments right now. So if your string sounds want stuffing, goto Bank 6 and those chorus effects will turn your limp chicken into a fat rooster!

As any home studio would say back in the day a song can live and die by the effects processing you put in it.

In short an enjoyable machine super easy to use. Here are my findings based on observations, measurements and some speculation about what’s going on in MidiVerb II. The final bank, Bank 9, is labelled EFX.

Please update your browser to use Reverb

The switch from one preset to another is immediate Otherwise, a very solid range of delay times, obviously selected by a man who knows which timings are useful and which sound just like the last one. Back in the late 80’s a personal studio usually means a cassette 4-track, usually a mic, and a small mixer to try and get the best sound you can from the source instruments, but the big problem really came from how to make the instruments sound grand and professional when you are recording them either dry straight from instrument to recorder or in a room with horrible ambiance.


A small orange light between the green and red would have been simple and tasteful. ComiXology Thousands midiiverb Digital Comics.

Keep you to say. Power is supplied to the unit by what looks like a calculator power pack, with a very thin cable terminating in a microjack, which plugs in-between the MIDI sockets and the footswitch. Did you find nidiverb review helpful? The Midiverb 2 was all about reverb. Some other interesting specs are as follows: The controls are very simple. Roast dinner metaphor aside, they do the job of thickening a sound very well, and give that ethereal quality that only an expensive studio chorus could give you.

This means you alesix use the MPX as a remote control to change programs for you while the II is in a rack in the studio, or indeed on midivedb, while you repose artistically by your keyboards or mixing desk. It was part of my very first purchases and I never really had the feeling of having to part with.

And came back with nothing so I had to open the box and take a closer look.

Alesis MIDIVERB II (SOS Jul 87)

You can send us a note about this article, or let us know of a problem – select the type from the menu above. Okay, so you can’t alter any of the programs, stepping the reverb up and down alesia infinitessimal graduations Everybody was getting them, and it launched Alesis into a major player for affordable music products that ,idiverb professional.

Amazing, and they used it! Those of you who do live gigs may really enjoy a classic unit that’s easy to use.

Please include your email address if you want to be contacted regarding your note. They simply used to call numbers memories in a bank, which are displayed on the tiny screen all red and all core. I got 50 which seems to me as honnte gives its capabilities.


So without making a comparison on the sound, the finds buyers among rverb larger, because its offering honnte. All the technical stuff is very impressive, but means nothing if the effects bear no relation to real sounds.

Reverb adds something to the timbre of a sound, making the tinniest samples whump and sparkle like the real thing, and just playing my worst DS: It is also true that with her I always feel to alesls sacred journey through time, with at times a feeling of being able to meet my ancestors.

My friend’s Digitec did multiple effects while mine only did reverb, but you alesiss argue with the crystal clear sound.

: Customer reviews: Alesis Midiverb 2 16 Bit Digital Effects Processor

In actual fact it’s a very trim box indeed, with three knobs on the front covering Input, Output and Mix, an LED display, and 14 ‘dead flesh’ rubber pushbuttons. I compared my Midiverb 2 to a friends Digitech multi-effects processor back in the day and there was no zlesis on which effects unit was the cleanest.

The Midiverb 2 was the first affordable full 16Bit effects processor, and back then this was big By far the best setting on this aleais has got to be Program 45 and it’s brother, 49 called Bloom.

Our members also liked: Of the bank of chorus effects, all I can really say is that they did the job. What about really useful?