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Choosing Genuine AMF replacement parts is choosing certainty over uncertainty. •You can be certain we manufacture parts to original OEM quality. In bowling, a pinsetter, or pinspotter, was originally a person who manually reset bowling pins . The is the general standard in most AMF-equipped modern bowling centers today. It features a microprocessor-operated chassis that is.

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Most of these bowling centers use a string type pinsetter similar to five pin. The and the XLI are further upgrades, basically using the ‘s mechanics, which replaced the older, completely electro-mechanical controls with machine status indicator lights, much more sophisticated “pin storage” design, single control centers that handle two machines, and perhaps the most important upgrade is the self shutdown control, which shuts the machine down to prevent damage from continuing to operate smf a fault.

Pins are loaded using a combination of belts. After the table returns to its upper position, the sweep also lifts, and the machine shuts down to await the next ball.

The use of today’s technologies have made it possible to engineer in extra functions that make your machine more reliable and make searching for hard to find electronic maf very easy. A separate elevator next to the turntable transports the balls to the ball return system, which has a near-vertical ramp that the balls roll down to gain enough momentum to roll through either an above-lane or submerged trough back up the alley, entering the ball return rack next to the approach area where players can grab them.

The cells that have pins in them complete electrical circuits that send scoring information to the display, and turned on one or more of ten “pindicator” lights — pioneered by AMF in May — in an electrically illuminated triangular framed screen on the pinspotter’s masking unit in front of the machine, to identify remaining pins. 8207 triggered into action by an automated scoring unit, candlepin pinsetters must be started by the bowler at the conclusion of a frame, by using a button or foot pedal operated switch to start the reset cycle.

The pin would now be out of alignment with the setter pickup holes, and the table mechanism would collide with these misplaced pins.

The Maximumum Technology Offspot Switch. Bowl Mor pinsetters are stocked with 24 to 27 pins, and are deemed substantially more reliable than typical Ten-pin bowling pinsetters.

Pinspotter Parts

It has continuously moving conveyor belts at the ends of the gutters beside the pin deck as required by the sport’s ruling body, the National Duckpin Bowling Congress [6] that move fallen pins to the pit. When the player pushes their “Reset” button, the machine lowers a guard, lifts standing pins and sweeps away the downed pins. Beginning in Decemberthe units also became famous for having the “Sparemaker” version of the earlier triangular pindicator screen on their masking units as advertised by AMF and their staff’s pro bowler Dick Weber, which added a set of eleven lighted “arrows” to the usual numbered ten lights for standing pins, triangular corner lights that indicated the first or second ball to be rolled, and separate lights to indicate a foul, or a strike.


820 spotting the new rack of pins, the version tilts amd pin-filled spotting cups vertically as the table descends, and tilts the cups slightly rearwards as seen here to clear the new rack of pins just as the table starts upwards, leaving the new rack of 82700 spotted on the lane akf the next frame.

This machine uses a conveyor belt amg the pit floor to move the pins to a vertical elevator system similar to the ones utilized on the AMF 82 series pinspotters, while the ball exits the pit at the side through a ball door. Common part descriptions for just about all pinspotting units consist of:.

Pinspotter Parts: Brochures – QubicaAMF

When the magazine is loaded and the bowler is ready for a new set of pins, a lever pushes the magazine unit out to the pin table so it can take the pins out of the magazine and then set them down on the lane. Two large rotating wheels, at the center rear of the unit, are situated with their common axis along the bowling lane.

First, the balls and amff are pushed qmf the end of the lane by the rake onto a shaking board the width of the lane, in place of the AMF-variety carpet belt. As the pins are still moving from the shaking by the board, a pin will bounce around until it lands in a pocket in the pinwheel.

Other centers will only load the pinsetter with 19 pins. This article has multiple issues. When a ball rolls back to the ball-lift wheel, friction lifts the ball up to the side where it catches on two lift rods covered with a rubber material.

Please improve this article by removing excessive or inappropriate external links, and converting useful links where appropriate into footnote references. We have designed another unit that is even better protected against vibrations. Ten-pin bowling Sports equipment Obsolete occupations. This activates the machine, which lowers the sweep to the guard position.


The GS is characterized by a sweep that rotates downward as opposed to dropping as soon as the ball enters the pin deck. AMF manufactured candlepin pinsetters for a short time in the s, using a Bowl-Mor style spotting table and an adapted tenpin-style sweep bar that operated at an unusually rapid pace during its sweep. Xmf page was last edited on 31 Octoberat There is no machine wiring necessary so the converted motor can be transferred between machines.

The mechanical portion of the pinsetter was originally manufactured in the Brunswick plant located in Stockach, Germany.

An elevator composed of a rotating rack of open frames similar to amff industrial toaster catches the candlepins and hauls them towards the top of the machine, and then turns 88270 degrees to bring the pins horizontally across, bringing the pins past ten conveyors each wide enough to hold pins in a lengthwise orientation.

Views Read Edit View history. September Learn how and when to remove this template message. This “shaker” transfers the ball and pins to the rear of the pit, behind the lane’s pindeck.

The visible deck shield, as well as the noticeable sounds of pins entering the pin elevator sounding like akf pins rattling in a metal drum and of the next set of pins dropping from the turret into the deck chutes, are unique to the Brunswick A series.

The GSX is Brunswick’s current pinsetter. It features a microprocessor -operated chassis that is upgraded to short cycle the machine for strikes, gutter balls, or 7—10 pick-offs. Due to the playing rules of candlepin bowling allowing fallen “dead wood” pins to remain on the lane between each ball’s roll, no provision has ever been made for “spotting cells” in a candlepin pinsetter’s spotting table, simplifying the machines’ design.

The Maximum Technology Control Board checks the machine automatically during every cycle. A new rack of pins is created with a moving magazine that is shaped like a pin triangle. This results in less than accurate gameplay since the table is changing the pin positions during the pickup process.

Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Smf free-fall machine for this sport features a rotating turntable in the pit floor similar to a Bowl-Mor candlepin unit, conveyor belts in the gutters as required in the regular duckpin game in the US, an elevator similar to the Brunswick GSX, a amd similar to the A-2, and a rather flat looking pin table.