Cambridge Core – Sociolinguistics – Arabic Sociolinguistics – by Reem Bassiouney. Reem Bassiouney explores how current sociolinguistic theories can be applied to Arabic and, conversely, what the study of Arabic can contribute to our. The first introduction to the field of Arabic sociolinguistics, this book discusses major trends in research on Arabic Sociolinguistics. Zoom Reem Bassiouney .

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If after the lecture, while he is walking home, a student asks him about a more personal subject, sociolingistics the situation is different. Likewise, it is worth mentioning that sociolinguists may feel discomfort with these labels, since clear covert prestige attaches so strongly to the L and since the L has sometimes been the target of attempts in Egypt and Lebanon, among others, to be considered the national variety.

I will examine the following theories intro- duced socciolinguistics linguists to identify structural constraints on soxiolinguistics In addition, in Wernberg-Moller’s study the informants were aware that the recording would be used for linguistic research. ECA has a lexically different item for ‘woman’ from the other four varieties. In his definition the H variety or language is a spoken standard, while in Arabic it is not the spoken variety of any country.

Using education as a criterion can basaiouney considered a problem in his description. This may be because, as he said himself, social factors of this bassiouneh were not in fashion at the time the paper was written. The colloquial Arabic of Egypt? In the next section, as was said before, I consider diglossic switching as part of code-switching and shed light on some of the studies that try to assign con- straints on diglossic switching as part of code-switching.

Is there a pure Standard Arabic? The brother and sister also did not agree on the kind of transaction taking place.

This is what Goffman calls ‘a change in footing’, i. He reports that he encountered in his data cases of collocations with English head nouns and Arabic modifier adjectives where the adjective shows gender agreement with the Arabic equivalent of the noun. English is associated with these, as in the example below The relations between language and politics, and language and identity, are worth investigating. Also the ‘we’ and ‘they’ dichotomy is of use here.


Arabic Sociolinguistics | Georgetown University Press

If we believe in the idea of universal grammar, then we might expect universal grammar to impose constraints on code-switching. The example below illustrates this: The passive MSA morpheme u-a is an outsider late system morpheme; its form depends on information outside its head, the verb. It can be used with no particular social motivation behind it; although for an outsider on this com- munity it does carry a social message, for an insider it is the norm.

Within the examples, a forward slash denotes a short pause, while two slashes denote a long pause.

Because of the existence of colonies for countries like France, the UK, the Netherlands and Portugal, linguists started describing multilin- gual situations, language contact and creolisation cf. Code-switching usually has a discourse function, and is defined as a phenomenon where ‘sections in one code are followed by sections in another one in the same conversation’. However, the idea of ESA poses a number of questions about the nature of the synchronic relationship between MSA and the different vernaculars.

In Arabic adjectives follow nouns, while in French they can either follow or precede the noun. But this problem cannot be dealt with here. In the end his power as shop keeper prevailed over her power as his sister.

It will occur at points where the surface structure of the two languages is the afabic. There is nothing as satisfying as having students who are interested and engaged in the topics one teaches.

Arabic Sociolinguistics

The reason why one neighbour maintained her first name although she still had sons and another lost it is still beyond me. Also, switching between North African dialects and European languages has been studied extensively, as will become clear below. That is to say, once there is more than one ML at a time, then this is often an indicator of language death; for example, the taking of inflections and function words from a code other than the ML is a step towards language attrition and death.


Note that this H and L labelling reflects, first, language attitudes among users and, second, the superposed nature of the H. On TV, it occurs only in the mouths of certain charac- ters in soap operas, children’s shows and comic situations. Therefore, this example poses problems for the ML hypoth- esis, but again the 4-M model can save this example.

The examples make one wonder about the differences between different languages and different varieties and whether terms like ‘language’ and ‘variety’ are not political terms rather than linguistic ones. Holes a, b discusses the influence of MSA on two Bahraini dialects from a phonological and lexical viewpoint. When bilinguals are bassiouneey why they switch codes, they usually claim that they do so to fill in lexical gaps, i. This ‘internal’ form of the passive is not available for him in ECA, in the sense that it cannot be applied to verbs which are exclusively part of the ECA lexicon.

The division in terms of Bedouin and sedentary reflects the historical settlements in the area as well as the language shift and change that have been taking place.

Arabic Sociolinguistics (eBook, PDF)

These morphemes are sociolinguistlcs in determining the ML. This is also the case in Moroccan and Algerian Arabic cf. However, these differences were not taken into account by Ferguson. Needless to say any oversight is my responsibility. New Book Alerts My Cart.

The H variety and MS A are in many ways associated with writing and the written language, including the reading aloud of written texts.

This is the idea of a so-called composite ML a: First, it does not rely on a specific theory of grammar such as government and binding theory.