: Ashes, Ashes (): Jo Treggiari: Books. Ashes, Ashes and millions of other books are available for instant access. Kindle | Audible. “In Ashes, Ashes by Jo Treggiari, Lucy is prepared to acknowledge that ninety- nine percent of the population is gone and that her choices are few. What she isn’ t. In Jo Treggiari’s grim adventure Ashes, Ashes, Mother Earth is pissed, and has decided to give us a time out once and for all. First comes the horrifically mutated .

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Ashes, Ashes transported me into a future that is ji likely to happen. Actually it was kind of like high school, brought to the streets.

In these conditions she will be lucky to make it to nineteen. He felt a spurt of anger at his brother. But he was just the bastard son of some Jersey lieutenant.

Ashes, Ashes by Jo Treggiari – review

There was a narrow alleyway directly across the street that cut all the way down to Chelsea Park. He closed the door, slamming all three of the dead bolts home. She took a tiny mouthful and then batted his hand away.

The romance is definitely pushed to the back of the story, the story focuses more on survival and figuring out the mystery behind treggjari Sweepers and their purpose. Rhapsody in Books Weblog. People called it the walk and it was one of the places to avoid. She smiled at him gratefully and pulled out a chair. In his brain he was seeing geometric diagrams outlined against the sky, dotted lines matching up point A to point B on a trajectory C.

It was read by Cassandra Campbell. He walked over to her and gently took the pan from her hand.

The fights are boring. A tantalizing side story was introduced regarding the plague survivors, but it was left aashes simmer along with the other ingredients in this plot stew. While they run together frequently, dystopias often being the result of an apocalypse, and apocalypses normally creating at least slight dystopias in the way the world is run. For months she’s been living in the half submerged area of Treggjari York City. He looked the same age as her. Usually that meant someone had gotten hurt.


He wiped his sweaty face against his sleeve and planned his next move. Like those ones staring at him from behind their lashes and sticking their chests out.

She does not know, nor does she care, how many other people are out there as she ticks off the days in solitude. Think he aashes himself.

Hardcoverpages. Jackie rated it really liked it Dec 30, Return to Book Page. He dug a sharp rock out of his leg, and he was up and running for the next roof.

Dom leaned in again, his mouth a straight line. Sixteen-year-old Lucy is just old enough to asshes the last few years of a normal world. It held my interest and aehes me reading, I wasn’t blown away but I wasn’t bored to tears either. When she is chased by a pack of dogs one day, she is sure she is going to be ripped apart, until a young man pulls her into a tree. Customers who bought this item also bought. After you read all of those if you crave more post-apocalyptic survival YA reads then maybe check this out.

Lucy decides it is safer to fend for herself rather than align herself with a group.

: Ashes, Ashes (): Jo Treggiari: Books

Also, this is definitely on my list of ‘things to recommend to people that liked the Hunger Games’. Jun 29, karen rated it liked it Shelves: Staci Life in the Thumb says: He could reach out, almost casually, and the ledge or the wall would be there waiting for the grip of his strong fingers, he could let go, and know that his legs, his feet would carry him safely forward.


Most often he ignored her requests, sometimes tdeggiari laughed at her, and sometimes he refused.

Most of them in groups, tossing Frisbees and hacky sacks around, chattering, laughing. Those who survived the virus are horribly scarred and the rumor is they ases crazy and ruthless, driven mad by the virus. He carefully leaned the scooter against the side of the house.

He zigzagged around the structures, moving quickly. It meant he was always prepared. And once he got to that point he could move like a shadow. I found it interesting that Lucy prefer being alone than join the other survivors.

Review of “Ashes, Ashes” by Jo Treggiari | Rhapsody in Books Weblog

You will never look at a turtle the same again. Aidan had seen kids over by the old sewage treatment plant really get air when they rode them through the huge concrete pipes. At each point an open eye was drawn. She thought she might puke. The same kind of stuff keeps happening with no real surprises. Plenty of kids from the neighborhoods joined up, of course, starting in the Eyes and working their way up, but school property was supposed to be out of bounds.

The reading level is moderate and the content is mild considering the post-apocalyptic nature of the book. Joy, he guessed it was.