AWCI Technical Manual B, “Standard Practice for the Testing and Inspection of. Field Applied Thin-Film Intumescent Fire-Resistive Materials. Provides field inspection procedures for the testing of thin-film intumescent fire- resistive materials. Includes testing criteria for thickness measurement of applied . AWCI Technical Manual B, Standard Practice for the Testing and Inspection of Field Applied Thin-Film Intumescent Fire-Resistive Materials; an Annotated.

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Delete options for Application not required for project. The product has excellent corrosion performance and mechanical properties. Architectural Fire Protection Factory Manufacturer: Grind smooth all weld spatter and defects prior to commencement of fire protection installation. When deciding on the extent of the mock-up, consider all the major different types of work on the project. Company specializing in manufacturing the work of this section with a minimum of three years documented experience and certified by the material manufacturer.

There are several diagrams in B, but they are cross-sections techniccal a beam, a column, a tube and a truss; the cross section of awvi beam includes arrows indicating the nine points around the beam where the film thickness of the TFIFRM is to be measured. Store materials in strict accordance with manufacturers documented instructions.

Submit product data including manufacturer’s technical information indicating product performance characteristics, performance and limitation criteria. Equipment and installation procedures must conform to the factory-manufactured architectural fire protection manufacturer’s installation instructions.

AWCI’s Construction Dimensions – October 2013

Clean substrate free of dust, dirt, grease or other foreign substances that would impair with the bond of the factory manufactured architectural fire protection adhesive material. Temperature and Humidity Requirements: Before proceeding with the work, the installer technjcal apply the primer, factory-manufactured architectural fire protection sections and decorative top coat to a representative substrate section of 10 square feet in size.


What could have caused this, and how do we avoid it recurring? The relative humidity of the application area shall not exceed a maximum of 85 percent for 24 hours prior, during and 24 hours after the application of the material.

Install factory-manufactured architectural fire protection material only to primed surfaces and in accordance with manufacturer’s installation instructions.

Protect adjacent areas from manuwl spray of fireproofing material. Upon completion of installation, all excess material, overspray and debris must be cleared and removed from the job site. Interchar is primarily a spray applied material, and performs without the requirement for any reinforcement. Delete the next paragraph if not applicable.

Technical Manual 12-B

Steel substrate temperature shall be a minimum of 5 deg F 3 deg C above the dew point of the surrounding air for a period of 24 hours prior and during the application of the material.

Architectural Fire Protection Installer: After technidal failed attempts to explain this testing procedure to me I first took it to mean one must measure near each end of the beam, 12 inches inthe technical sales rep wound up drawing a diagram that finally made it clear.

Final color, gloss and finish will be determined and approved by the Architect. What is the intended pattern? Once agreed upon in writing, it serves as a guide for the finished work. No intumescent fireproofing or coating material may be procured or delivered to the project site prior to the review and acceptance of the proposed materials by the Architect in writing. Materials must be applied in accordance with the project requirements for fire rating thickness, finish texture and color.

When I manuao encountered this instruction many years ago, I happened to be observing a fire test of a new formulation of an intumescent coating in a small-scale furnace conducted by one of our manufacturer members. Send your questions to jones awci. Submit applicator’s current certification as a manufacturer trained and approved installer. Thickness determinations shall be mabual at nine locations around the beam, at each end of a in.


Technical Manual B

Maintain air temperature and relative humidity in areas where products will be applied for a time period before during and after application as recommended by manufacturer.

Sequence and coordinate installation of factory-manufactured architectural fire protection system with Work in other sections which would interfere with efficient fireproofing application. So, one might wonder, how many beams or other structural members per test?

Submit manufacturer’s written installation instructions. Structural steel and framing with reference to primer receiving fire protection materials. Verify that all clip hangers, piping, ducts, equipment or other items which would interfere with the installation of the factory-manufactured architectural fire protection system are not positioned or installed until installation is complete.

Protect work area from windblown dust and rain. Jones is AWCI’s director of technical services. All patching and repair to factory-manufactured architectural fire protection material, due to damage by other trades, will be performed under mxnual section and paid for by the trade responsible for the damage.

In-place fire protection material not in compliance with the specification requirements must be corrected prior to the application of the decorative top coat.

Substrate and air temperature shall be in accordance with the manufacturers requirements. If necessary for manuall schedule, the General Contractor shall provide enclosures and heat to maintain proper temperatures and humidity levels in the application areas.