This scanning radio has been manufactured so that it will not tune to the radio frequencies assigned by the FCC for cellular telephone usage. BCDT. BCDT – Click image to view in full. Uniden’s Base/Mobile Digital . Easier to Read BCDT/UBCT Manual · BCDT User Manual · Control. BCDT – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total:

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The scanner will remember the last startup configuration you used when mxnual power up the scanner using just the power key. Pressing the first number of a 2-digit quick key will get you closer, 1 for 10, 2 for 20, etc. The squelch might need Trunking Display Mode 2. Press to select a menu item or save an entry in Menu Mode. Note that the back port is male.

Uniden BCD996T Owner’s Manual

This setting determines the frequencies you need to enter for Motorola systems. Set Hold Time sets in seconds the amount of time the scanner will scan the system before moving on to the next system.

User Defined Fleet Maps This setting helps balance the audio level you hear as you listen to different radio sources so you can hear them at a similar volume. You can only store one trunking system per ‘system’.


Accessible only in the ‘Close Call’ menu, the system has to be unlocked to view while scanning default is ‘locked out’.

Uniden BCD996T User Manual

Select the Channel Set Modulation Auto — the scanner uses the default modulation for the channel. A ‘ T ‘ will appear to the right of a frequency if it is temporarily locked out.

Bcr996t also Auto Step Sizes. Press Menu twice to exit. FM — the scanner uses FM frequency modulation for the frequency band. Each alert contains information about the type and severity of the alert, as well as the specific geographic locations affected by the alert.

If P25 is not detected before the delay expires, the scanner will open squelch at the end of this delay. Scroll to ‘ Rvw ID: If you lock out a system or group, any channels belonging to that system or group are also locked out.

To exit press then Vol – VOL until the groups and systems appear.

Set Status Bit Motorola only sets how your scanner works with status bits also called S-bitsletting you control how the mankal interprets and displays Motorola talk group IDs. The default setting is ‘. Press Menu to return to ‘ Select Channel ‘. Return to step 2. All systems, sites, or search ranges that do not have a startup key assigned will be scanned the way they were when you last turned off the scanner.



They should market a ‘FTO’ only scanner if that’s the way it’s going to work. Size Code Restrictions The memory architecture supports dynamic allocation with up to systems and channels.

This setting controls whether the scanner automatically ncd996t channels it identifies as data. To toggle search bands on or off for custom searchespress the number key of the custom search.

Continue at ‘ Set Quick Key ‘ below. To adjust the Digital AGC settings: Searching And Storing Custom 1 SRCH 2: Where To Get More Information The first condition is heading for the Location. For Poi Only Press Manjal to exit. Programming Channel Groups manually set the digital decode threshold.