Items 1 – 12 of 19 Benbo Trekker MK3 Tripod. Regular Price: £ Savings: £ You Pay: £ Offer Ends: 7 Jan Availability: In Stock. Buy Now. Items 1 – 24 of and Sirui. Go to B&H for amazing prices and service. while the savings lasts! Benro TMA38CL Long Series 3 Mach3 Carbon Fiber Tripod. Benbo have been producing tripods for 35 years now. All Benbo tripods are manufactured in their UK Factory. Trustworthy and Reliable Brand.

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Seems to be a good compromise, traditional legs with a swining centre column. However stability is directly related to weight and the provision of a bebo at the lower end of the centre column, allows the temporary addition of extra weight e. You should also consider any creative features you may need, and pick your tripod stands prlce. There seems to be a website for the company but it goes nowhere Or design and make my own.

Any help will be appreciated. For example, some models also offer heads with the pricd to move quickly between landscape and portrait aspects, which can help you capture just the image you want.

Share This Page Tweet. Also available are tripod head platforms fcwwazuwzrdvsrezerzwxxdawwxf. The Manfrotto Pro series allow the centre column to be mounted horizontally at least they did before the X ones came out which does allow a lot more flexibility. The latest version of this award winning tripod incorporates geared faces on the main joint components, ensuring that the joint can be locked firmly without undue tightening of the locking handle.


Maybe yours in a newer version of the I seem to remember that Uniloc were a Jessops exclusive line. Hi Alan, I’ve got one of the original Benbo tripods.

Benbo Benbo 1 Tripod About this product.

My frustration with the Benbo trecker was that I didnt find it robust enough, especially if the centre column is extended. More on the Way.

I’m beginning to understand why there’s nothing in the shops but Manfrustratings. The problem with my Manfrotto CL I think that’s what bemmbo is is that it’s fine for portrait and landscape stuff but absolutely useless and completely frustrating for low level stuff like flower shots.

Benbo tripod questions.

The newly designed leg head castings allow the legs to be folded compactly when transporting the tripod. Benbos are not tall tripods, relative to their collapsed size. Yes, my password is: Thinking about it, a couple of minutes with a hacksaw and a file would shorten the screw enough to stop it being such a chore anyway.

Which model of Benbo are you thinking of? I’m thinking of giving up forever on my Manfrustrating and getting a Benbo.

Benbo Benbo 1 Tripod | eBay

Load capacity refers to the maximum weight of camera and lenses that the tripod legs and head can handle. Benbo Tripod, Trekker Mk 3, Kit. I’d love the best of both worlds, something that can be raised to eye level and that’s also capable of the sort of positioning which a universal centre column should allow.

  ASTM D1308 PDF

More on the Way Expected availability: However, they can also expand your creativity in many ways.

Camera Tripods, Monopods, and Heads for Photo and Video – Benro

It looks like the smaller Benbo’s will be no good then. I’ve had a quick play with a Benbo and found it like wrestling with a horny octopus trying to mate with the aforementioned bagpipes – not easy but I’m sure the handling improves with practise!!!

All goods are shipped by courier services. For example, using one allows you to take long exposures, shoot dark scenes without a flash, and even take selfies with the use of a timer. You must log in or sign up to reply here. A light weight version of the Classic number one tripod ideal for use where the tripod needs to be carried greater distances. Low to High Price: Separate names with a comma. I can take the column out completely and mount the head directly onto the body but that’s a faff on if out and about and still doesn’t provide the level of positional flexibility I’m looking for.