Bernard Montorgueil. Montorgueil-Dressage-Piquante Montorgueil- FourThursdays Montorgueil-LesQuadreJeudis. Bernard Montorgueil was a gifted French. Elegant Femdom drawings of dominant Mistress by Bernard Montorgueil. Bernard Montorgueil is one of the most popular illustrators of female sadism and male Bernard-Montorgueil-Femdom-Dressage-Art

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It was just as Msr. Subsequent versions on the art reproduce the left page portion only:. Montorgueil had imagined it. Bernard Montorgueil was the pseudonym of a French BDSM and spanking artist and author of short stories whose works were originally written and published in the s and s though not much is known about these original versions. Other rabbit holes we might go down: Are they modern studies?

Montirgueil Baccus, Thanks for posting this. The style is European from before the second world war, but never have I seen a detailed artist profile or a really good gallery that seems completist and authoritative.

Unfortunately the gallery software I used bernarrd build that site has now gone out of business. I have always held the theory that Montorgueil was likely a genuine BDSM enthusiast himself, or worked awfully closely with or for someone who was.

The earliest editions we know about are cited by the Spanking Art Wiki as follows: Stolzberg is a surname in Germany, Hamburg is mentioned in the text above.

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The Erotic Art Of Bernard Montorgueil – ErosBlog: The Sex Blog

Bacchus said on May 25th, at 7: Google turns up that auction listing as well:. This entry at the Spanking Art wiki is better than most web sources, and the info density is fairly sparse:.

First time comments will be moderated by default. In some editions, the illustrations are in black and whitewhereas in other editions they are colorized in watercolors. These reprints were in the original French language and translated into German.

A partial and mechanical translation suggests to us five more Montorgueil stories in the form of manuscripts with original drawings:. The webpage of Astarte has three editions of Montorgueil:. For this was what Msr. Yes indeed I would. Rotterdam, Editions Bel-Rose, Christies offered this sample page from the sale manuscripts: The list of authors can be seen in the page history.

These might be more faithful facsimiles than the pair of s portmanteau volumes montorugeil by Leroy! It contains 48 sketches that correspond to familiar Montorgueil images.


Do you know the origin of the sketches? This page uses content from Wikipedia.

Motorgueil to Know Us. Montorgueil means Proud Mountain in French. This entry at bernnard Spanking Art wiki is better than most web sources, and the info density is fairly sparse: Went on sale there thirty years these manuscripts were in principle all bought by a wealthy American amateur. I have checked all of my Editions Bel-Rose, titles in both the French and German editions, and they all use the spelling above, and although the legibility of the signature differs they are generally clear enough to confirm that the e precedes the u in the spelling of the name and confirms the printed version as correct.


I appreciate the research!

Bernard Montorgueil Artwork

In the German versions, his name was mis spelled Bernard Montorgeuil. Vier Donnerstage Editions Bel-Rose, c.

Most of the men almost naked apart from their stockings and six-inch heels and the glitter montorgueill their nipple clamps and cock rings. No the origin of these sketches are unknown unfortunetely. Most of his work has femdom – malesub themes. The Sex Blog said on December 6th, at 1: