During the past 40 years the production of natural rubber has increased three times and of synthetic rubbers 15 times, Biodeterioration 7 pp | Cite as . Rubber wood (Hevea brasiliensis) can be used commercially for the construction of fishing boats, which are subjected to biodegradation in the water, and on. Natural rubber (NR) was once the only source of the elastomeric materials required by a wide range Biodeterioration, Elsevier Applied Science, 7 (), pp.

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Because a lot of gas is produced, the tanks have floating lids on top so that the volume can fluctuate without letting air in.

Microbiological Deterioration of Vulcanized Rubber

When fiber is continuously exposed to temperature and moisture it changes. Composting involves breaking down of organic materials by a large number of bacteria and fungi. This website outlines why biofilms occur and why microorganisms live in them Biofilms. There are many reasons for microorganism having biofilms some of the advantages and disadvantages are outlined at “Bakers’ yeast Blooms into Biofilms.

Views Read View source View history. Rubher is useful in giodeterioration of the soil contaminated with non chlorinated solvents, some pesticides, wood preservatives and organic chemicals.

Bacteria and fungus cause deterioration in paper resulting in poor quality of sheets. Assessment of biodeterioration of rubber wood exposed to field conditions. Retrieved from ” http: Xenobiotics are synthetic organic compounds and they generally have chemical properties that cannot be broken down by microbial degradative enzymes.

Pseudomonas aeruginosa produces exopolysaccharide which makes it slimy. Biodeterioration definition of biodeterioration by Medical dictionary https: Resistance of smoked glued laminated lumber to subterranean termite attack. Privacy policy About WikiEducator Disclaimers. When bacteria join a biofilm, they often express genes that have been previously repressed. This page was last modified on 9 Decemberat It is usually formed with the attachment of the free floating microorganisms to a surface.



International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation The methane produced can be used as fuel and is extracted from the top of the tank. Bacteria Acetobacter xylinum present on the surface of fruit and flowers biodeteriorattion an important role in commercial production of wines and other fermented substances. It is used against specific contaminants. Ex Plastics have high chemical resistances due to their excessive molecular size for biodegradation.

Certain organisms produce pigment or growth of cellular fibers. Biofilms are a population of bacteria, algae, yeast or fungi that grow hiodeterioration to a substance, it can be living or non living. Here volatile material is reduced and the colloidal water-binding structure is destroyed.

This historic site has suffered corrosion, despite treatment with synthetic polymers. Bioventing is a process which provides oxygen by stimulating naturally occurring soil microorganisms to degrade components in soil.

Microbiological Deterioration of Vulcanized Rubber

Bioventing, bioreactor, composting, bioaugmentation, rhizofiltration and boistimulation are the major bioremediation techniques [30]. This is some current research into useful biodegradation on contaminated water: Biofilms usually have high resistance against antibiotics and disinfectants.

For future work on smoke treatment for enhancing wood resistance to biodeterioration attack, wood species producing smoke via pyrolysis could be desirable for investigation because the chemical compounds of the wood species would be different from each other.

In dissimilarity biodeterioration, change occurs in materials due to the excretion of waste products, such as pigmented or acidic compounds produced by the microorganisms. Bacteria when organised in biofilms can produce effective substances which cannot be produced by an individual bacteria. These websites give more examples of biodegradation of natural materials: Bioremediation is to clean up contaminated soil or water through using microorganisms.


The deterioration of rubber by various fungi and actinomycetes might cause serious rhbber problems to buried cables. These are huge tanks which sludge is pumped into from the settling tanks. Remocion de colorantes reactivos empleando el hongo Bjerkandera adusta. For example, the oil industry uses bacteria to clean up pollution created by spills and underground leaks and to clean up waste products from oil production. Microbes are even able to last long within a low-nutritive environment of a biofilm.

Within these tanks, anaerobic bacteria are metabolising the sludge biodeterioratioj helping to off it biodeteriorarion into alcohols, acids and gases. Biodegradation of xenobiotic compounds Biological Degradation of 2,4,6-Trinitrotoluene. A mixture of air and gas could cause an explosion and oxygen is poisonous to the bacteria. In assimilatory biodeterioration, the organism uses material as a food or energy source. Suitable environmental conditions like temperature, moisture and oxygen are necessary for wood decay.

Biodeterioration of stored diesel oil: Approaches to taxonomic studies of actinomycetes isolated from historic and contemporary materials.

Biodeterioration is the process that produces undesirable change in the properties of materials by the activity of organisms. Minimises and prevents scum build up. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. These require oxygen and moisture to break down organic material [32].

This page has been accessed 6, times. Valdes, is and the different types of Bioremediation kf. Biodegradation of rubber is a slow process, bacteria utilizing rubber as a sole carbon source is also slow.