Nothing in Jean-Ovide Decroly’s early life would have led to a forecast of a career cities, Decroly discovered the human, social and educational abandonment. Ovide Decroly () is een belangrijke Belgische onderwijshervormer die wereldwijd wordt geroemd om zijn opvoedkundige ideeën. Ovide Decroly. LC. Laia Cunill. Updated 27 March Transcript. OVIDE DECROLY. BIOGRAFIA. CENTRES D’INTERÈS. ANTECEDENTS. – Rousseau.

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Allowing the growing child complete ‘freedom’ meaning ‘license’ – as the word is commonly interpreted – could encourage dexroly to express their negative tendencies: He was especially interested in the interaction of theory and practice and did not xecroly to change his ideas in the light of new evidence or possibility. Biogrsfia any other science, the science of education would comprise both pure science, called ‘pedology’, science of the child based on objective methods, and applied science, called ‘pedotechnie’, techniques for the improved education of the child.

With these forms of expression which he learns from the society, the child recreates and in his turn contributes to the society. The Decroly program is one which is designed around the biological needs of ‘subjective biology’ -the biologically based spiritual needs or ‘metaneeds’ of the value-life Retrieved from ” https: Decroly ” oviide P.

From experimental research he learned that in order to draw valid conclusions about the behaviour of the invariable in any rigorous description of an experimental situation, one must adhere to the fundamental rules of scientific investigation and abide by the concept of the ‘experimental control’.

This article does not cite any sources. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. In the same way that every organism is born into an environment, the child is born into a social environment. In the same way that a naturalist would observe any animal in nature, he studied the child in order to understand the human organism.

As a response biohrafia questions raised by children themselves, the method is successful in motivating children to learn. Furthermore, in the normal development of cerebral mechanisms for sane and intelligent thought processes, the effective functioning of the neural circuits in the higher brain or cerebrum requires proper impulses from the lower brain which functions in the processing of information from the senses Footnote from Korzybski.

Ovide Decroly

It failed to take into account the known principles of child psychology. He explains himself briefly on the origin buografia his theoretical position but his pedagogical writings are significant in this regard. All the other activities converge on the central theme, the ‘center of interest’. It should be possible to design an educational program around the instinctive needs of ‘subjective biology’, the ‘metaneeds’ as well as the basic physiological and biiografia needs.


The child is respected as a person and is given the opportunity to evaluate his own work and progress on a non-competitive basis. Bibliotheque de Philosophie Contemporaine, Paris, France: These pedagogical experiences and experiments led to his thorough understanding of the obviously innate need of the child to learn to adapt to the environment.

As a means of training children in the habit of consistent and integrating work, the method is successful in meeting the demands of intellectual study. With regard to the methods of teaching the subject matter, Decroly criticised traditional procedures, especially the divisions into disciplines, and the parcelling of time into units of a schedule which continually distracted the child’s attention.

Ovide Decroly – psychopedagoog

An animal society, of whatever species, originates from the process of interattraction, an imperative need to live in contact with other members of the society, a sort of unavoidable tropism towards its fellow beings.

Proper emotional development needs love The practical and philosophical decrily drawn from the scientific work of Decroly, the “decrolyen principles of education”, have their foundations in the knowledge of the biology of the human organism.

It is also the path to experiencing one’s specieshood, one’s obide with all other members of the human species. Second is the need of adolescents to understand the logical reasoning behind the information. The ‘program’ is organized around the child’s characteristically wholistic perspective realized from the child’s point of view As a social being the child can only develop in the context of a group or society. Globalization becomes a scientific method?

First, the teacher treats the children individually and with respect. What are the criteria for qualifying the Decroly method as ‘reasonable?

Spencer admits that in our present culture many cases of ‘perverted pleasure odf pain experience occur, and he explains this phenomenon by the contradictions and imperfections of society. Social life is the result of a profound need, even a physiological need known as the process of interattraction.

Decroly method as reasonable innovation The Decroly method is reasonable because it is based on biological principles of biology and psychology. Cooperation in work is needed to satisfy the survival needs.

Third, in education, everything is directed towards the child, and everything radiates from the child “C’est vers l’enfant que tout se dirige, c’est de l’enfant que tout rayonne”. It was this aspect of his personality which makes his ideas still valid today. Decroly summarizes the essence of observation exercises in the following terms: From this principle which modifies the classical concept of psychology, Decroly derived his famous method of “globalization” which is one of the characteristic features of his system.


The quality of the interaction between the individuals depends on their psychological make-up. In l the section of the kindergarten for year old children was added to the kindergarten section for year olds. The “higher” the civilization, the “higher” the values and civic responsibilties of the members of the society. Characteristically humane, his pedagogy is based on universal human needs and is applicable in any human society. Teachers working in the context of principles which respect the freedom of children must be properly informed and trained in the rational guidelines of the ‘method’ which Decroly investigated scientifically and to which he and others were committed.

The society is consolidated by the development of the social conscience and the eminently social values of cooperation, courage and abnegation. In l he did research on the action of toxins and antitoxins on general nutrition for which he received a scholarship for a six-month study at the University of Berlin in pathological anatomy, neurology and psychiatry.

When children are free to exercise their own self-discipline and responsibility to themselves and their group, the problem of discipline is effectively managed.

Ovide Decroly by Laia Cunill on Prezi

Decroly’s childhood interests in the natural sciences led to his scientific interests and the medical profession in adulthood. La Mathematique a l’Ecole Decroly. He affirmed that the crucial factor for the effective maintenance of interest in the subject matter is the proper development of the child’s powers of concentration.

The social conscience and the force of human societies is a function of the spiritual development of the individual human beings. Trained as a medical doctor, Decroly remained a biologist, applying his medical training throughout his career in the study of child development and pedagogy. He published over a hundred works and left numerous manuscripts including lecture notes from his professorship at the University of Brussels, and other educational institutions.