Every Caesarstone® quartz surface comes with a comprehensive 10 Year Limited Please note, due to Christmas trading – All warranty registrations submitted. Because your peace of mind is a top priority, we provide every client with a lifetime warranty for every Caesarstone quartz surface product we. Caesarstone’s Warranty. As passionate as we are about design, we are equally committed to providing the best quality and service. When you purchase.

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Once the product is installed, the two main reasons for seam separation or cracking are the shifting or movement of the substrate, cabinets or foundation, and thermal shock.

This warranty does not cover improper use or abuse.

Warranty Registration

Reasonable care should be taken including the use of a cutting board. This warranty does not cover failures due to fabricators failing to follow the prescribed fabrication and installation procedures as outlined by Caesarstone USA Inc.

For the benefit warraanty the community and to protect the integrity of the project, please observe the following posting guidelines:.

Did I mention that this job was on an extremely tight time frame? This warranty applies only to Caesarstone quartz surfacing materials and does not apply to any other products, including other quartz surfacing products manufactured or supplied by any other party, except Caesarstone USA, Inc. A certain level of spots or blemishes are inherent in the manufacturing process and do not affect the structural integrity of the material.

Warranty Registration

We recently ran into a problem wqrranty a large solid surface caesartone. The homeowner ended up getting new tops because we weren’t going to screw over a good customer but we ended up eating the cost to fabricate new tops, tear out and dispose of the old tops, disconnect and reconnect plumbing, and reinstall the new tops. This warranty does not cover what is referred to as spots or blemishes smaller that a ten 10 cent piece.


This warranty does not cover any failures due to inadequate support for the installation. Commercial Property shall consist of any location open to the general public for business use, private properties subject to residential or commercial rental or warrantt, or properties designated as hotels, motels or other temporary residence applications.

Color samples provided to architects, designers, dealers, consumers and fabricators are only representative and not an exact replication of what will be installed. Once a top is installed it’s about the only way to actually tell with any certainty that you’re actually dealing with Caesarstone and not some knockoff so I can see where they’re coming on that one.

These authentic and robust are designs inspired by oxidized steel, poured plaster and raw concrete, defining new classics for the everyday, and yet again another first of its kind for quartz surfaces. Community Contribution Caesarstone Australia, supporting the community through charity and goodwill. If you read both warranties they are saying the exact same thing. In the end they picked up all the defective caesarsttone, the fabricated kitchens, and credited us back for the material, our labor, and the shipping to the jobsite.

Caesarstone Commercial Warranty

Posted By Kelsey Crisp on 14 Feb Laws and building safety regulations governing the design, engineering and construction of installations vary widely. After going up the ladder a bit they finally offered material to remake the tops but would not cover any of the cost to actually fabricate the tops. This warranty does not cover mitered caesqrstone where the joint is not cut correctly.


In addition, the replaced slab may not be exactly the same as the defective slab. This warranty does not cover natural variations in the color, size, shape and distribution of the pattern of the natural quartz or caesarsstone natural variations in background tone.

Caesarstone Warranty | Caesarstone Quartz Warranty | Caesarstone®

Posted By Norm Walters on 15 Feb On the back of Caesarstone slabs there is text with the run number and also the Caesarstone logo. CaesarStone is a very hard material and highly scratch resistance but not scratch proof. This warranty does not cover seam performance or seam appearance, adhesives, caulks or any other accessory items.


It started out subtle enough that we probably had a dozen or more units fabricated before we saw the problem. All the sheets from the second shipment were from caesarstond same run, and were sequential, but we couldn’t get two sheets to match, no matter what we tried.

Caesarstone just uses more words. Forums Search Unanswered Active Topics. All the consumer see’s is. The more warranties I see, the more I hate them.