INSTRUCTION MANUAL . AstroMaster EQ telescope Your telescope should be set up mm Newtonian telescopes, the dovetail attaches to tube .. DSLR- Celestron offers adapters that will allow you to attach a Canon or Nikon DSLR. INSTRUCTION MANUAL. Models #, CELESTRON TWO YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY. AstroMaster EQ telescope Your telescope should be set up mm Newtonian telescopes, the dovetail attaches to tube rings that hold. MM RELECTOR AstroMaster telescopes carry a two year limited warranty For details see our website at www celestron com to become familiar with your telescope, so keep this manual handy until you have fully mastered .. Internal adjustments and cleaning should be done only by the Celestron repair department.

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Product Support – Celestron AstroMaster EQ Telescope

Finding The South Celestial Pole scp In each hemisphere, there is a point in the sky around which all the other stars appear to rotate. With both eyes open, look through the glass window at the alignment star. These points are called the celestial poles and are named for the hemisphere in which they reside. This diagonal is an erect image model that corrects the image to be right side up and oriented correctly left-to-right which is much easier to use for terrestrial observing.

For example, in the southern hemisphere all stars move around the south celestial pole. We offer binoculars for every viewing interest, including astronomical binocularscompact binocularswaterproof binocularsbirding binocularsand sport and hunting binoculars.

The tripod is now completely assembled Figure Below is just a very brief discussion of some of the methods of photography available and suggest you search out various books for detailed information on the subject matter. There are two R. Aligning The Setting Circles 9. To calculate the actual field of view, divide the apparent field of the eyepiece supplied by the eyepiece manufacturer by the magnification.


You ce,estron unsubscribe at any time. Please enter a valid email address. To determine the proper rate of speed, the telescope should be roughly polar aligned.

Celestron AstroMaster 130EQ User Manual

Email Sign Up Please send me email about sales, new products, and astronomy. Visually, they are too faint to reveal any of the color seen in long exposure 130q. Visit the Orion Community Center for in-depth information on telescopesbinocularsand astrophotography. If you move one degree further south, the same thing happens again. If you have astigmatism, corrective lenses must be worn at all times. And when you’re stargazing, Orion’s telescope cases and coversobserving gearred LED flashlightsastronomy books and star charts will make your observing sessions more convenient, comfortable and meaningful.

You’re already on our email list, so you’ll continue to be the first to hear about our new products and special offers. Spray at an angle to the glass surface for approximately two to four seconds.

Adobe Flash Player may be required to view some content. Since the Little Dipper technically called Ursa Minor is not one of the brightest constellations in ce,estron sky, it may be difficult to locate from urban areas. You would have to travel 70 miles north or south to change your latitude by one degree.

Moving The Telescope Manually Fig is released. Because we sell direct, maanual can offer you tremendous value at a great price. There are several forms of photography possible with your telescope for celestial as well as terrestrial pursuits.


Determining Field Of View Determining the field of view is important if you want to get an idea of the angular size of the 130es you are observing. Page of 32 Go. You will monitor the drift of each star one at a time and in declination only.


Attaching The Equatorial Mount The equatorial mount allows you to tilt the telescopes axis of rotation so that you can track the stars as they move across the sky.

This star, Polaris, is mmanual end star in the handle of the Little Dipper. There are various ways to polar align your telescope and for casual velestron the methods below are adequate and will get you reasonably close to the SCP.

The Star Pointer is the quickest and easiest way to point your telescope exactly at a desired object in the sky. While monitoring a star on the meridian, any misalignment in the east-west direction is revealed. At Orion, we are committed to sharing our knowledge and passion for astronomy and astrophotography with the amateur astronomy community.

In each hemisphere, there is a point in the sky around which asstromaster the other stars appear to rotate.

Celestron power seeker telescope instruction manual 15 pages.