5 days ago Folded tourist map of South Zagoria, Chernarus. Displays topography, marked tourist trails, useful points of interest and significant landmarks. DonĀ“t miss a very special limited offer: a collection of authentic printed double- sided maps for Arma 2. These maps will guide you through your combat. iZurvive is a DayZ map. It has loot and offers the possibility to share your position with other places!.

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Does it no longer spawn military loot?

High Res Chernarus SA Map x : dayz

Submit a new text post. Put an ID for the little river. Maybe I’m blind, and they’re already included, but any chance of adding the hiking trails to the map?

I will never put any ads on it, ruins everything. So features related to that purpose diary, notes, missions, makers, planificated routes, the possibility doing some free drawing on them in real time Want to add to the discussion?

This jap is so weak. But I will add that to my todo kap for sure: Zabolotye is east of west evac, across the valley from the castle.


If you have proof of admin abuse, report it to the GSP which hosts it By following these instructions. I’ve only found military clothing though. Note the lack of loot at this time.

Tourist Map

Log in or sign up in seconds. Will do something about the clutter when zoomed out a lot: Some roads are not complete due to bridges not making it onto the road network.

I mean, i would like that the online maps should not work only as a map, but as a planification table for factions, groups or squads.

This subreddit is for the purpose of discussing the DayZ standalone game as well as the mod for Arma 2. Any idea when you’ll have the locations noted? Not sure if you’re still using the map, but you can now just copy the URL and it will share your current view.

Please use the report function, or message the moderation teamto report any posts or comments which break the guidelines or do not belong in this community. Most of the time spent went into figuring on the changes between ArmA and DayZ when extracting data.


Keep it up dude! Might as well just print it out: Updated maptiles to latest dayz version and also made chernadus a bit brighter.

iZurvive DayZ & ARMA Map: Chernarus Mod

There were still a few places with good loots because most people didn’t know about them. If you know of an exploit or cheat inform the dev team By posting it to the feedback tracker. If not, that’s why it isn’t visible.

It’s honestly useless right now. I can’t use it.

The way it is cherjarus is perfect! That would be nice. Submit a new text post. Submit a new link. Log in or sign up in seconds. Regardless, this is great work.

Balota is also becoming a civilian airstrip with some military tents in 0. I’ve yet to go over to the south west.