Der Herr ist kein Hirte: Wie Religion die Welt vergiftet. Hitchens, Christopher. 76, ratings by Goodreads. ISBN / ISBN Der Herr ist kein Hirte: Wie Religion die Welt vergiftet by Christopher Hitchens at – ISBN – ISBN – Karl. In Der Herr ist kein Hirte erläutert Christopher Hitchens, wie sich der religiöse Glaube seit Beginn der Menschheit bis zum heutigen Tage entwickelt hat und.

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In other words, the planets and stars, which in the rest of the Middle East were worshiped as deities, were nothing more than lamps and clocks. But that, and his discussion of a large number of religious issues, make for a mess of an argument. This claim might be just barely tenable in a philosophical sense—but it contradicts all psychological experience.

Unfortunately, in god is not Great Christopher Hitchens can not resist the scatter-shot approach.

Part of Hitchens’ frustration is also to be found in the fact that people chhristopher so damn gullible. We acknowledge and remind and warn you that they may, in fact, be entirely unrepresentative of the actual reviews keih any other measure. Having long described himself as a democratic socialist, Marxist and an anti-totalitarian, he broke from the political left after what he called the “tepid reaction” of the Western left to the Satanic Verses controversy, followed christopheer the left’s embrace of Bill Clinton and the antiwar movement’s opposition to NATO intervention in Bosnia and Herzegovina in the s.

At the same time, there is probably no atheist be it a Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, or Hindu atheist who has never wondered about whether there is more beyond us. He is probably the smartest thinker of his generation of chritsopher in the English-speaking world.

He aims very wide — showing, from all angles, why religions are preposterous easy pickings, of course — and certainly offers a lot of examples of the horrors done in the name of religion, but it winds up being far less convincing than it should be.


His support of the Iraq War separated him further.

Cărți de Christopher Hitchens

But according to Hitchens, religion is to blame in these instances as well. Here again he comes up against the problem of absolutes: And derr spectacular mosques built by Muslims in India? Carte Hardback — October To be sure, the Church did have some reservations about the Nazis; but this did not prevent it from signing a concordat with the Hitler regime in He was no longer compelled to appeal to it with magical and often bloody rituals; he was not forced to fall prostrate in front of every tree nymph or river god.

According to him, Communism—with its rigid hierarchy and infallibility illusion—simply imitated the priestly kingdoms of antiquity.

god is not Great – Christopher Hitchens

Part of what Hitchens wants to convey is that this is a very bad thing: The monk Johannes Kepler, the deeply pious Isaac Newton, the monk Gregor Mendel, who discovered laws of heredity when crossing peas in the cloister garden? Hitchens was the author, co-author, editor or co-editor of over 30 books, including five collections of essays on culture, politics and literature.

Similarly the illustrative quotes chosen here are merely those the complete review subjectively believes represent the tenor and judgment of the review as a whole. Carte Paperback — April Finally he shoots it through with the bullets of logic and, just in case, he lets the guillotine of irony fly down on its neck.

Absolutes like that are problematic.

But it is in the nature of the theme that after this intellectual execution, a resurrection follows, as unexpected as unavoidable. Of course, Hitchens concedes that there have been a handful of admirable believers—Dietrich Bonhoeffer or Martin Luther King, for birte they have been admirable primarily due to their humanism not their religion. His Chaconne in D minor? Carte Paperback — March Basically Hitchens directs four accusations at religious faith: A staple of public discourse, his confrontational style of debate made him both ixt lauded intellectual and a controversial public figure.

The Hebrew Bible begins with a blasphemy. Carte Hardback — 22 Aug Carte Paperback — 03 Jun Do recall that this is not about religious fundamentalism or fanaticism but rather religion as such.


In general, he finds nothing of quality in it. He jumps around from example to example, barely attempting to put together any coherent argument, making for an exhausting and not very satisfying read. Even though he respects religious customs—taking his shoes off before entering a mosque, etc. His head was clear enough to marvel at creation—an admiration we find everywhere in the Psalms—and to study its laws with the art of astronomy.

Carte Paperback — 26 Apr And on the fourth day, He set sun, moon, and stars in the heaven, as a sign for times, days, and years. Carte Paperback — 13 Apr One has to give it to Hitchens who, as executioner, does a thorough job. As an antitheist, he regarded concepts of a god or supreme being as a totalitarian belief that impedes individual freedom.

On Christopher Hitchens’s God Is Not Great

Then he lets it quarter itself on its own contradictions, before boiling the pieces in the oil of his righteous anger. Carte Paperback — 10 Aug Carte Paperback — 03 May Since all the writers he cites as examples depend deeply on the Bible. Trying christophre meet all your book preview and review needs. According to Hitchens, the Old Testament, the Hebrew Bible, is one long nightmare, in which a cranky god thrones over a chosen people that he incites to genocide.

In its wake, man could face creation freely. Suddenly he found himself close to George W.

Twelve Books,p. Hitchens claims that by piling the wood and binding his son, Abraham proved he was familiar with the process, even before he took the knife in his hand to slaughter him like an animal. Join the Telos Press mailing list.