MIGHT & MAGIC IV — CLOUDS OF XEEN Miscellaneous Facts and of other treasure H. Locations of awards I. Mirror portal keywords 4. and Magic: World of Xeen on the PC, Darkside FAQ/Walkthrough by H. Locations of awards I. Mirror portal keywords J. Maps of selected. Cheat resources for Clouds of Xeen, Darkside of Xeen and Worlds of Xeen. there’s a file called “” that contains a chart of all the keywords in all.

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Since the spell list is sorted alphabetically this time, it also means the spells are quickly and easily found. The notation XdY means the same thing as it does in traditional tabletop gaming; a random number is generated by rolling a Y-sided die X times and then adding together the rolls. The last one can be whatever you want them to be.

View all Chatbox messages posted by kmonster. If we turn to the west and follow the edge of the mountains, we will some Orcs to fight and the entrance to the Dwarven Mines, where we would usually go next if this was just Clouds of Xeen. Play through Cloudside first. They turn to Darkside and, per instructions given by the Dragon Pharaoh, free Corak, who helps them finally defeat Sheltem once o for all, but sacrifices himself in the process.

Worlds of Xeen Cheats

The currents of the river travel from the center meywords the world to the edge. This number is modified by Endurance, race, and the Body Building skill. I’ve only ever played the CD version and I guess they removed copy protection for it. The encounter with Sheltem and Corak at the end of Isles of Terra. Eventually, I decided to focus on Cloudside first.

  JIS D5705 PDF

Might and Magic: World of Xeen [1] – Let’s Start The Game – Blogging Games

The tent belonging to Gunther, the Mayor. Knights and Barbarians receive bonuses to-hit in combat that other classes do not receive; combined with their greater number of attacks at higher clluds, this makes them much more effective melee combat machines than the hybrid classes.

Use the grates to cut off pursuit.

They may cast spells from the clerical spellbook, but only have half as many spell points as full Clerics, and their spells cost twice as much in mage guilds. I didn’t even know it had copy protection. In Might and Magic Book One: Through all of this, I had to resort to Google extremely rarely and even those rare instances felt unnecessary once I got the correct info and realized how obvious it actually was.

Clicking on it or pressing space shows the tavern interface. Items range in power from level 1 to 7; this is the item level listed in the treasure tables above.

They may cast spells from the arcane spellbook, but only have half as many spell points as full Sorcerers, and their spells cost twice as much in mage guilds. Xeen’s Guard Xeen’s Castle Level 3: The base number of spell points per level for a spellcaster is 3.


They say there is still gold in them thar hills to the north. Paladins get 1 extra spell point per level. Their defensive ability is worse than a Paladin but better than an Archer, as they may equip a shield and any body armor other than plate.

Thiev Thiev Sorry, data for given user is currently unavailable. These ranges and bonuses are: This may be circumvented by resurrecting via a temple. Turning in the quest.

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Might and Magic: World of Xeen copy protection: worldofxeenkeywords – Abandonware DOS

They are poor in cluods combat, are not allowed to use edged weaponry, and cannot use ranged weapons. Xaemoon Xaemoon Sorry, data for given user is currently unavailable.

He needs his emerald handle recovered from E3, Pathfinder At least two characters with this skill are needed to move through dense forests on foot. Day of Protection – this only casts Protection of Elements at a power level equal to the caster’s level. By the way, notice the square at the top right of the screen, with Might and Magic written on it.

I have received a message from the dwarves who reside in the Red Dwarf Range.