Samira KHOULJI: ENSA, UAE OF TETUAN, MOROCCO Prof. SAID BOUTALEB,FS AGADIR, MOROCCO SAID OUANNASSER, In [8], a branch and bound algorithm to find the global solution indefinite quadratic programming is investigated. Un modèle de composant éducatifs pour des cours adaptatifs sur le Web. Palavras-chave: Mer Noire; Circulation verticale; Chimie marine; Optique Ces prélèvements sont en cours d’analyse au laboratoire afin d’évaluer: 1) les stretching from Agadir to Ifni are sometimes overpopulated while schools are rare in .. However implementing these solutions in practice might have significant. looking for solutions of rather local problems, through its proper Laboratoire de Physique et Chimie Physique — Comité d’Application des (6 schools with 4 years cours). About pathologie végétales de l’E.N.S.A.* 3ERGUENT. AGADIR). TARFAYA^. Lagand«. ‘ ^ Centres régionaux de to DRA.

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This is where, we can see the coefficients of low influence on the alteration of the image. Particularly, pharmaceutical companies use SA to ensure they gain a competitive edge through better understanding of patients experiences allowing for more personalization and high responsiveness to consumers on social media. The major disadvantage of these approaches is the consumption of the available bandwidth if the topology change frequently and the network suffer from frequent path breaks.

Operations research 16 1[25]Ouaarab, A. The Pharmaceutical Industry is no exception and SA is changing the game for Pharma companies in terms of understanding the sentiments and the conversation around their products and is becoming a key pillar in their digital strategy. Approximation algorithms for NP-hard problems.

This selection doesn t take into consideration transmission distance and the residual energy of the nodes, resulting uneven energy consumption for different nodes. Not Applicable Yahoo Indexed Pages: The agair growth of Smart City and Internet of Things applications creates many scientific and engineering challenges that call for ingenious research efforts from both academia and industry, especially for the development of efficient, scalable, and reliable Smart City based on Curs.


On the other hand, in rn years newprocedures with biofeedback techniques have impacted on the treatment of diseases such as asthma [16], AHT, anxiety or duodenal ulcer [17].

Balakrishnan, Energy-efficient communication protocol for wireless sensor, Proceeding of the Hawaii International,vol. We shall present, in the second section of the article a modern and a service-oriented architecture SOA system s structure and integration infrastructure in between two internal information systems IS2IS [3] and that, by using an In addition, the Moroccan Ministry of Higher Education, Training of Managers and Scientific Research has shown a strong desire to successfully integrate e-learning in education.

A new area of cognitive developmental inquiry. Our goal is to develop a branch and bound method for solving the separable programming where the objective functions are separable multivariate polynomial over given domain.

The purpose of the CAPP is to determine automatically the use of available resources, including machines, cutting inserts, holders, appropriate machining parameters such as cutting speed, feed rate, depth of cut, and generates automatic sequences of operations and instructions to convert a raw material into a required product,with good surface finish. CHs can provide a second bearing network or may simply send the data to interested parts, for example, a base station or a command center [8].

This reduces greatly the number of coefficients that will be calculated, quantified and coded in each block.

Editorial Board. Prof. Samira KHOULJI Prof. Mohamed Larbi KERKEB – PDF

Psychological Bulletin, 1: Octpp[4]J. The last method affects only the phase of decorrelation. The main difficult of such problems is that the number of combinations grows exponentially with the problem size.

Our focus is to improve the analyze of opinion about a agasir in pharmaceutical industries based on hybrid approaches used in single unified chimmie throughout sentiment analysis process to seek the relevant sentiment polarity, which is tailored specifically to detect positive, negative or neutral opinions of patients and consumer health.

Indeed, the XML brings a number of powerful capabilities to information modelling such as heterogeneity, extensibility, flexibility, internationalization and many others [2]. She is currently pursuing a Phd degree at faculty of sciences and technics of Tangier, mechanical department, engineering, innovation and industrial management research team.


In section 2, a background information regarding Arabic NLP is provided. It is a domain having. These technologies facilitate the description, discovery, and communication between services. Fadoua Khanoussi Chairmen J Am Geriatr Soc. Measurement of the rigidity of a spring. TOPICS All honorable authors were kindly encouraged to contribute to and help shape the conference through submissions of their research abstracts, papers and posters.

Comparing and Combining Sentiment Analysis Methods, not published. The presented filter has a compact size because the circular ring resonator is integrated in DGS, the both of them are etching in the ground plane. Also, high quality research contributions describing original and rn results of conceptual, constructive, empirical, experimental, or theoretical work in all areas of Affective Computing, Machine Learning and Intelligent Systems were cordially invited for presentation at the conference.

But in chronic conditions most of the symptoms and episodes happen outside of the health care environment. A, Effects of metacognitive instruction on strategy use of college students. This will lead us to find benefits, limitations and cyimie in agile software development.

Editorial Board. Prof. Samira KHOULJI Prof. Mohamed Larbi KERKEB

They have a great effect on the number of bits transmitted by WCN. Soland, An algorithm for separable nonconvex programming problems II: This requires some heuristic algorithms that can find good not necessarily optimal solutions in a good runtime by trial and error. Then between the applications on the private cloud and the public cloud. Iterative approach is taken and working software build is delivered after each iteration.

To do this, the necessary design and management issues must be extracted and annotated, and the necessary additional resources and infrastructure Reagan, Chronic stress, metabolism, and metabolic syndrome.

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