Hopes have once again sprouted that Daiva Dasakam, the universal prayer to God penned by Sree Narayana Guru, may yet get the status of a. Check out Daiva Dasakam by Girish Puliyoor on Amazon Music. Stream ad-free or purchase CD’s and MP3s now on

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Knowledge that transcends Knowledge. Here the feet of God and the feet of the Guru are dwiva and the same. This is quite different from our usual prayer, motivated, by and large by transient selfish interests. That is why the devotee pleads: Prayer becomes meaningless in the absence of these poles.

Sections of this page. That is the objective. The captain is in absolute control of all the activities on board but he does it ddasakam without being noticed by the passengers.

All the same, it should not be used as a means of seeking personal benefits but only for getting all those things needed for all living dasskam alike. Printable version Dec 31, 8: A memorandum requesting that it be made a national prayer song will be handed over to Mr. He will arrive at the Sivagiri Madhom at 4. Vedanta asserts that the existence of God and of all things is rooted in knowledge.

Hopes blossom for Daiva Dasakam – The Hindu

But daivs who longs to achieve that state by persistent effort, needs prayer. Likewise, God controls the huge ship of human life, keeping himself invisible and yet filling the whole vessel with his indomitable presence. Both these meanings are relevant in the context. It is that God or Guru who should lead such a dasajam to a place of safety. Daiva Dasakam is a popular prayer song in the State, sung before the start of functions, including even government programmes.


Those who take pains to go through it will be convinced of its true worth. The purpose of taking refuge at the feet of the Guru is to gain knowledge. From this we understand that the nature of God is to shine and give light. To follow the feet of the Guru is not merely an act of devotion; it is a contract or commitment.

They are Foot and Word. March 24, Nadanam Dance Academy Dance School. If you want not to be deserted by the God of knowledge, you should not desert the God of knowledge either. Guru is one who has grasped the truth. Glamour shopping Personal Blog. The Prime Minister, who is scheduled to arrive at the Varkala cliff helipad at 4. Swamy Sachithananda, the coordinator of Mr.

If we learn to recognize the benevolence of God in everything and everywhere it will turn a divine grace which will bring blessings incessantly in all our efforts. That is why life is a mixture of joys and sorrows.

America-DAIVA DASAKAM (Ten Verses to God) by Sri Narayana Guru

See more of Gurukripa Chirackal Kudumbayogam on Facebook. There had been an earlier bid to secure that status for the song. Padiyoor Events Event Planner.

The relevance of prayer is assessed in the heart of the individual. The prayer is to receive the grace that will enable us to cross this formidable sea of life daaskam reach the other shore that presents a world where we can bathe joyfully in a deeper but salubrious sea forever and ever.

Since the only way to cross the perilous ocean of life is dauva get well informed of the true nature of life, God, who plays the role of the savior, becomes a teacher, too. But there was no follow up on the proposal after that.


If you put the two words together, you get the quintessence of the prayer. He will also take part in the pujas to be held there on the occasion and later, after unveiling the plaque, address a public meeting at the Sarada Dassakam there. The knowledge as a dadakam can be condensed in AUM — so says the Katopanishad. This prayer is meant to get daskaam wish fulfilled.

Being the best model of prayer it shows us how one should pray. O God, who dwells there on the high far off, take care of us who stand here. Any ship can save a person struggling for survival in the mid ocean but there is only one ship capable of succoring one who is struggling hard to find a safe haven in the perilous sea of worldly life.

Everybody longs for happiness.

Hopes blossom for Daiva Dasakam

A ship should come that way and the Captain of the vessel should daica him. Before unveiling the plaque, Mr. In all these, the Brahmasatya of the Advaitha Philosophy is reckoned as God.

Please Email the Editor. Inthe State government had recommended so to the Centre. This article is closed for comments. So is human life too. In this sense, this ten versus is applicable also to animals and plants, should they possess the ability to pray.

The ten versus will immensely help such a devotee.