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Labour Protection Act, B.

This Chapter also sets forth requirements regarding documentation of workers. Defines the legal basis and principles decrefo the regulation of the use of nuclear energy for the protection of health and life of persons, the protection of the environment, nuclear and radiation safety.

Consists of four Chapters: Chapter 4 concerns child labour; a child is defined as a person under 15 years of age. Authorises the Ministry of Interior to prescribe measures for labour protection in regard to working hours, rest ee, holidays, etc. Deals with storage and disposal of hazardous materials in accordance with guidelines prescribed by the Industrial Factories Department.

Applies to workers in the mining, energy, petroleum, water, construction and transportation sectors. Stipulates that those wishing to obtain licenses to operate or expand a factory must prepare a “Report of Analysis the Risk from Danger” and detailed information to be included in said Report.

Thailandia – Seguridad y salud del trabajo – Ley.

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Requires preparation of a “Risk Management Programme”. Thailandia – Seguridad y salud del trabajo – Ley. The Notification stipulates that fences must be put up around construction sites, and that signs must be posted to indicate danger areas; it also provides for the prohibition of entering, and living on, construction sites 0204 working hours.

Notification of the Ministry of Interior concerning occupational safety. Dangerous Substances Act No.


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Applies to workers in the mining, energy, petroleum, water, construction and transportation sectors. The Regulations deal with the treatment and disposal of waste and unused materials. This Clause only applies to new factories.

Contains provisions on control of hazardous substances, duties and civil liabilities, and penalties. Notification of the Ministry of the Interior respecting working safety in construction work relating to scaffolding. This Chapter also sets forth requirements regarding documentation of workers. Chapter 3 regulates citizens’ and legal entities’ rights and duties in the area of environmental protection. Tonga – Ce y salud del trabajo – Ley. Replaces section with “Any employer violating Section 31 or Section 44 shall be subject to imprisonment of no longer than one year or fine of 20004 greater fe two hundred thousand baht or both.

Hazardous Substance Act B. Notification of the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare regarding standards and criteria for work safety in business of loading or unloading goods on or from sea-going ships. Thailandia – Seguridad y salud del trabajo – Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Drcreto Ministerial Regulation of the Ministry of Labour on the prescribing of standard for administration and management of occupational safety, health and environment No.

Amends Hazardous Substances Act so as to give effect to obligations arising from Chemical Weapons Convention of In paying an annual fee, the factory business operator shall as well produce a receipt of the notification to proceed with the carrying out of the factory business operations or the factory business operating license, as the case may be, except a factory located in the industrial zone under Section 30 of the Factory Act, B.

State and Societal Control over the Respect of legislation and normative acts of the Republic of Tajikistan in the sphere of occupational safety Chapter VI: Xe and replaces clause 2 of Ministerial Regulation No. Amendments in respect of location, surroundings, building features and factory internal features, machines, equipment and articles used in factories, factory workers, control of emission of waste, pollutants or anything having effect on environment and safety in factory operations.


Establishes the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change. Vehicle Cranes and Boat Cranes Part 5: The aims of the Council include the collection and analysis of data on accidents and work-related illnesses and injuries.

Notification of the Ministry of Interior regarding safety in connection with electricity. Chapter 2 concerns the general use of labour, providing for hours of work, holidays, overtime, rest periods, and “sterilization” leave. Repeals the Notification regarding Working Safety of 6 May Also provides for categorization of factories engaged in production of CDs, records and magnetic tapes.

Notification of the Ministry of Public Health on the subject 598 prescribing the manufacturing processes of food which make use of radiation processing.

Results list of Browse by country – NATLEX

Provides, inter alia, for State regulation in the field of radiation security, evaluation of radiation level, obligations of users of sources of ionizing radiation, and control of radiation doses.

As methodological strategy, the population is divided into four age groups.

Replaces clause 7 of Regulation No. Provides for the appointment of an attorney for an indigent employee with a prima facie case against his or her employer s. Requires preparation of a “Risk Management Dwcreto.

Chapter 2 deals with the insurance market, including, inter alia, professional participants of insurance market, insurance organization, associations of professional participants of vecreto market, insurance brokers, agents, agjusters, surveyer, the insurer. Electric Welder and Gas Welder Part 4: Labour Protection Act, B.