Der Pudelmopsdackelpinscher und andere besinnliche Erzählungen from Ernst Hiemer (all in Sütterlin) Stürmer-publishing house, Nürnberg Der Pudelmopsdackelpinscher: und andere besinnliche Erzählungen / Ernst Hiemer ; Bilder von Willi Hofmann. Publication | Library Call Number: DS . Used Condition: Very Good Hardcover. (Nazi Children’s Book) DER PUDELMOPSDACKELPINSCHER: UND ANDERE BESINNLICHE ERZAHLUNGEN [THE.

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But one day they suddenly bit their caretaker in the hand, the same hand that touched them tenderly. Antisemitismus Kinderbuch Anti-Jewish propaganda. But through sneaky swindles he takes over many farms and throws whole families into misery.

Ernst Hiemer – Wikipedia

Go to the German Propaganda Home Page. Farmers, the foundation of a healthy people, are sucked dry and destroyed by Jewish livestock traders. She shudders and whispers: But the Jewish poisoners of nations are delighted at the success of pudelmopsdackelpinacher destructive work. The same is true of peoples who fall victim to the Jewish tapeworm.

The Jews have a secret law book. At first the bees did not believe them.

Ernst Hiemer

Advanced Search Find a Library. He buys goods that thieves have stolen. They have passed laws against the Jew! They are so fat and helpless. All the work was in vain! That is why we must educate our people. Until they have cleaned out the Jewish brood of drones, there will be no peace and no prosperity among the peoples.


Please, doctor, tell us about it.

Then we will devour pudelmopsdackelpinsxher If we do not destroy them, they will destroy us and our children! They unsuspectingly let Jews into their countries.

The people must decline. They don’t work and live on the backs of the hard working humans They make us poor, and they are absolutely insolent. Like the two other books it contains short stories.

In it is written: Excitedly they tell him the story. I must have breathed them ludelmopsdackelpinscher. Just as a person can be cured of a tapeworm only when it is completely destroyed, so the peoples can be freed of the Jewish plague only when they make full work of it. The doctor advised Mrs. And that is why he is so terribly hungry. What does the Jew mean by that? Have you understood so far, Mrs. Germany had Poland as a neighbor to its east.

You do not have the noise of the trams and cars, the roar of the factories, the hubbub of the big city. The sun slowly sinks in the west. One must hunt them down without pity and exterminate them in all the phdelmopsdackelpinscher of the world. User lists Similar Items. They are harmless animals.

Cancel Forgot your password? There is also a splendid means of pudelmopsdafkelpinscher the Jewish poison. He is harmful to the nation.


Just as a tapeworm robs people of valuable nutrients, the Jew robs his host people of the best that they have. Therefore, we call the youth of the world! They bring discord and unrest to people. There are tapeworms not only in people, but also in other animals.

Der Pudelmopsdackelpinscher : und andere besinnliche Erzählungen (Book, ) []

It is not enough to render harmless only a part of Jewry, since the Jewish tapeworm always grows back! Many hundreds of voices joined their voices in singing to heaven:. How can such a tiny bacterium infect a big person and make him sick? He has no land, he does not sow, ver does not tend a field. What good does it do humanity if one people renders the Jewish parasite harmless, but it continues doing pudellmopsdackelpinscher terrible work in other countries and other parts of the world!

Api, listen to me: Only he who knows the poisonous Jewish snake and the results of its bite can protect himself against disease and decline.