hi guys,. here a link to directly open the Django Fakebook as a PDF, you obviously need Adobe Acrobat or other pdf reader. here is the. Django fakebook Django Reinhardt – Are You In The Mood – Paris, Django Reinhardt – Bei Dir War Es Immer So Schon. -J. C & T. M . I -W . FORM: A B B A C A. A.. E- 3. E-.

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Let me know if the link works for you.

Django Fakebook? [Archive] – Mandolin Cafe Forum

The horn parts in the recorded ensembles were probably all by ear. Events Major events especially for clarinetists. Maybe some research will pull something up. Reeds Great reeds available from around the world.

Xjango of nowhere Padam Jazzaferri That is usually the case, I just like to be over prepared. If you download all tunes from the forum you should have enough to go on for awhile. Excellent layout for reading on a tablet, good chords. I love this music, but I like to hear a little more variety during the course of a set or show.

But given the skill and wonder of Django, I just couldn’t help but reply. Will let you know how it is. I djanog I remember that it was Amsterdam http: I have never made any money on this book in any way and I never intend to. Looking for brass tuners for my selmer style guitar Hi all, i’be been tinkering with my guitar for some time as some of my previous threads show. Repertoire for performing for a music academy I need some help choosing repertoire for performing for a music academy.


Here’s a bit of Django MP3 fun http: I only play gypsy style now and this guitar doesn’t get played at all.

Had me thinking of Mr Grappelli’s charts rather than D’Jango’sthough I dont think he had to read a thing. I keep getting an error message “Matching PDF not found for All times are GMT.

One of my favourite fakebooks. Feel free to share. It worked like a charm. This was all made possible because someone handed me a DVD with everything Django ever recorded!

Wim Glenn on December It is my understanding that sharing this book for educational purposes is legal. The Magic really starts to happen when you can play it with your eyes closed.

I was hopeingohwell transpose out pages by hand ouch. A note about fakebooks in general: I’ve used Robin’s books extensively in my gypsy guitar tutelage although not the one in questionand they have been exclusively in guitar tablature. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.


I do want to provide a way to update existing songs through CSV, so that’s something I’ll work on when time allows. Doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Subscribe to this thread. When Django bent a note, he always bent it a half step most of us American gadjos, however, learned how to bend mostly in whole steps with our rock and roll upbringing. Contacted a german site that was distributing the fakebook to ask for the original version sibeliusfinale or whatever but no response A lilypond ,sibelius or older finale version is also oke – then i transpose it.

An export in CSV that includes the database IDs of the songs to allow re-importing to the same songs would do it.

Django Reinhardt I thought one of my friends mentioned having a program you scan into that will transpose fakebokk you I forgot all about this post. The contents of the “pages” column had to be added, see attached. You can always use http: