Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kapuskasing. CTE photo. Tomson Highway. Tragi- comedy drama in two acts by Tomson Highway, first produced in. Nominee, Governor General’s Literary Award for Drama Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kapuskasing tells another story of the mythical Wasaychigan Hill Indian. This article reconsiders the place of hockey within Tomson Highway’s play Dry Lips Oughta Move to Kapuskasing, ultimately arguing that the re-evaluative.

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Dry Lips Oughta Move To Kapuskasing by Tomson Highway

I kept wishing for some coherence. While it provides a lot to talk about, I don’t think Oughts be going kapusskasing it.

But, after letting it marinate for a few days I have to admit my opinion of Dry Lips is more favorable than it was when I initially finished. The fact that the two words — hockey, life — come together only after an apparent struggle stresses the importance of such struggle to cultural revisioning and revitalization. Sep 08, Jesse rated it it was ok Xry I hate that Tomson Highway seems to think that girls farting while looking coy is something that should be utilized more than once.

Through the Trickster character and narrative, Highway challenges European colonial imperialism. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The double level serves several important functions: This moment of communal wailing underlines the potential of wailing to express, or give voice to, the inexpressible.

Perhaps what Highway is suggesting here is not actual childbirth but rather the possibility of creation.

What marks them as Other, as different, is celebrated within the hockey arena. That container is theatre. By conflating the revolutionary space of the hockey arena with the theatre auditorium, Highway sends his audiences away with the message that they are the people capable of revolution; of course, the reception ouggta this revolutionary message depends on the constitution of the audience.

Susan Billingham argues that Dry Lips is replete with the destabilization of gender roles, hockey being the most obvious example. Containing absolutely no female characters besides those who are raped, drunk and simultaneously pregnantor a sex-partner for one of the many male characters. Interesting mix oughtq characters and symbolism, but I hated dr treatment of Christianity. What I really find fascinating about the future of my life, the life of my people, the life of my fellow Canadians is the searching for this new voice, this new identity, this new tradition, this magical transformation that potentially is quite magnificent.


However, with Dry LipsHighway seems aware of these temptations and attempts to derail their possibilities; just as the Wailerettes recode the game of hockey for their own purposes in order to provide for a better fit for themselves, Highway employs the Trickster, Nanabush, to disrupt conventional Western play aesthetics.

Trickster also often configured as Coyote has a key role within indigenous drama, as Mojica and Ric Knowles explain in the introduction to their anthology of Native drama in Canada: The negatives are a little harder lughta put your finger kaphskasing. I couldn’t follow the characters really well, either. This was assigned reading for a Sports Literature class; that being said I found it to be a very interesting and authentic read.

Canadian Theatre Encyclopedia

The scene that follows is one of domestic or private conflict between Big Joey and Zachary over their wives and their disparate community projects: God of the Indian! When I first read it I thought it was dark and scary, but the second time it was sincere and tragic. Jun 09, Meghan Moloney rated it liked it Shelves: Weird mixture of comedy and disturbing realism. As with Trickster, then, change comes with dyr ability to disrupt and to create.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your kapuxkasing here Perhaps Highway is suggesting that the nightmare of the colonization of the First Nations in Canada must be witnessed and acknowledged, but that it need not preclude the possibility of domestic and social harmony. Generally, I did not enjoy reading this brutish play and would probably not recommend lapuskasing to anyone except in rare or specific cases. But the violence and anger are presented initially as farce. The Canadian Theatre Encyclopedia web site was originally conceived and developed in by Gaetan Charlebois—theatre lipps, playwright, and actor.


The play raises a lot of issues about reservation life and the situation of many First Nations communities in Canada, which is an important goal even if it doesn’t make for comfortable theatre.

To submit an entry, please consult the guidelines for submissions. That being said, I’m going to address the literary tropes within “Dry Lips”. While the female hockey players remain unseen to the audience, we hear both the sounds of pucks hitting the boards and the women shouting at the same time as we see the men screaming at them from the bleachers and Big Joey broadcasting the game.

In fact, an unofficial requirement for women playing on the Wasy Wailerettes team is their biological status as mothers or mothers-to-be: The action of the play is very frantic and scattered at times. The average literature student struggles with drama more than other genres and very very few literary blogs review books of drama.

Dry Lips Oughta Move To Kapuskasing

Refresh and try again. Post-colonial stages are particularly resonant spaces from which to articulate linguistic resistance kapusoasing imperialism. These hockey tournaments and games become fodder for storytelling, providing enough drama and humour to create narrative As hockey works to heal the fictional Wasaychigan Hill Indian Reserve, contemporary First Nations theatre works to destroy the notion that First Nations people are incapable of decolonization from where they are today.

At the end of the play, you are left with neither a pessimistic nor an optimistic feeling. The connection we are meant to draw is a complex one. This is not an easy play. And as it turned out, the entire play HAS been a dream.

She turns the appliance on with one last bump of her voluptuous hips.