The Overview page is the front page of this API document and provides a list of all packages with a summary for each. This page can also contain an overall. Switches all registered mock objects (more exactly: the controls of the mock objects) to replay mode. For details, see the EasyMock documentation. Why. Great testing includes isolation. Most parts of a software system do not work in isolation, but collaborate with other parts to get their job done. In a lot of.

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This is the old version of niceMock Class documentatin, which is more completion friendly. On top of that, since EasyMock 3. The following code configures the MockObject to answer 42 to voteForRemoval “Document” once and -1 for all other arguments: However, this case should be quite rare.

This is the old version of strictMock Classwhich is more completion friendly Type Parameters: Getting Started You have brand new class.

EasyMock Tutorial

T – type of the method argument to match Parameters: As an example, the following code will not compile, as the type of the provided return value does not match the method’s return value:.

It is a source not a binary compatibility. The next test should check whether the addition of an already existing document leads to a call to mock. Available for primitive and object arrays. It is a good idea to exclude Cglib since Docmentation is used instead. We may specify the call count with the method times int times on the object returned by expectLastCall.


Instead of defining eqException with a Throwable as parameter and return value, we use a generic type that extends Throwable: This is the old version of niceMock String, Classwhich is more completion friendly Type Parameters: A given mock still can be made thread-safe by calling makeThreadSafe Object, boolean.

Next I get the mock ready to play back its recorded data by invoking the EasyMock. It is extremely easy to use and makes writing the unit tests a breeze – great job!

T – the type of the array, it is passed through to prevent casts. Let the developers who built the server worry about that. It really is that easy. Listing 4 ‘s testToEuros will already catch this bug.

Getting Started

Prerequisites The following tutorial is based on an understanding of unit testing with the JUnit framework. Expects a comparable argument greater than or equal the given value.

Class mocking also gives you the option to replace some of the methods in a documentaton with mocks while leaving others intact. So a giving mock or mocks linked to the same IMocksControl can only be recorded from a single thread.

Testing with EasyMock – Tutorial

After calling replayit behaves like a Mock Object, checking whether the expected method calls are really done. EasyMock instead of org. And finally, you can define custom easymlck that check pretty much any detail about the arguments you can imagine, though the process to do so is somewhat complex. Oren Gross, Mercury Interactive. A Mock Object is a test-oriented replacement for a collaborator. If this were a non- void method, I could have applied times 0, 1 and atLeastOnce to the expectations directly.


The correct result of amount. Create a new Java Project called com. A first attempt may look like: Or more precisely, verifies the underlying IMocksControl linked to the mock objects. However, there are some obvious constraints:.

In record phase, you may switch order checking on by calling checkOrder mock, true and switch it off by calling checkOrder mock, false. How Isolation involves Mock Objects To test a unit in isolation or mount a sufficient environment, we have to simulate the collaborators in the test.

Easier testing with EasyMock

For backward compatibility, this property can bring EasyMock 2. TestSubject ; import org.

Another optional annotation, ‘name’, allows setting of a name for the mock that will be used in the mock call, which will appear in expectation failure messages for example. However, for most tests the basic matchers like EasyMock. Set a property to modify the default EasyMock behavior. The method has to be called in record state after the call to the Mock Object for which it specifies the Throwable to be esymock.