New releases in History/Latin America . Jeffrey D. (); El Saqueo Cultural De America Latina/ The Cultural Plunder Of Latin American: De La Conquista A. The period of Conquest of Latin America and the Caribbean – roughly .. [1] Fernando Baez, El saqueo cultural de América Latina, Random. Báez is considered a world authority on the history of libraries. From the plundering of the cultural heritage of all Latin America beginning in the sixteenth .

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The Revolutionary government of Venezuela can also claim the resounding achievement of having brokered the beginning of solid, true, integration of the nations of our America.

The destruction wrought in Baghdad by the Mongols seems like dusty history until one notices the direct similarities to the looting and burning witnessed there in this decade; for those who are more present-minded, the same can be said of the cultural warfare perpetrated in s Poland and s Sarajevo. Peristiwa penghancuran yang kita baca sebelum ini, jarang sekali kita kaitkan dengan buku.

The saqudo turnout can, in part, be attributed to opposition abstention, but is comparable to previous elections of this nature. There was a legal classification according to racial mix: Di masa ini sensor, penangkapan, penyiksaan,dan penghancuran terhadap buku yang dianggap bidah terjadi secara merajalela Pada tahun saat pemerintahan Paus IV disusunlah daftar buku yang paling membahayakan iman yang diberi nama Index Librorum Probiturum atau Indeks Buku-buku Terlarang yang melarang buku-buku karya penulis untuk memudahkan para Inkuisitor dalam menjalankan tugasnya.

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Buku-buku itu tidak sejalan dengan sejarah versi pemerintah tentang usaha kudeta tahun di Indonesia, yang selama puluhan tahun dikambinghitamkan pada orang-orang komunis” hlm Membaca sejarah penghancuran buku lewat paparan Fernando Baez di buku ini kita akan melihat bahwa sejak buku pertama dibuat orang sudah menyadari pengaruh dahsyat dari buku. View all 5 comments.


This This is an incredible book, too overwhelming to read cover to cover, and it took me two months to read it. Oil belongs to the people. His advanced dernandez, though, often makes me wonder if he has made any provision for the safe dispersal of his massive and unique collection.

Ratified in overwhelming numbers, the Constitution gave indigenous peoples, for the first time, the constitutional right to their language, religion, culture and lands.

Spanish Monographs

Books suffered most, maybe because human in each civilisations unable to handle the knowledge and when things scared you just burn them all. More than 1, indigenous languages disappeared in years – that is two per year. Only Cuba fares better.

Venezuelan elites today have a profoundly racist complex that has even led intellectuals to refer to the Colonization as a positive event “the golden legend”. From there on the book just got worse, because in our “modern” world, books are destroyed by the tens, the hundreds of thousands.

Fernando Báez | Author | Agencia literaria Schavelzon Graham

I come to talk about some horrific things that have befallen Latin American and Caribbean people, but I also will talk about some extraordinary things that are making our America the most hope-filled region, a beacon for the planet’s future.

One can speculate that perhaps the blood lust of all these barbaric men of conquest was a sign of their madness. The period of Colonization – from the lateth to the ferrnandez centuries- was a time in which Spain carried out a methodical process of substituting cultures of our America for a European one. The peoples of our America then suffered another wave of genocide, an ideological one. Biblophagy – eating book to gain esoteric wisdom.

Ni antara fakta-fakta menarik bagi aku untuk dikongsikan. Pemusnahan buku paling banyak ditengarai karena ‘kebencian terhadap satu golongan’. There are also interesting asides in this book, such as examples of book destruction in fiction, and a list of dangers from nature and neglect.

View all 6 comments. Indeed, this book proved haez little harder for me to get through than I thought it would, considering how much passion I have for the subject; it reads like a textbook, with the myriad horrors perpetrated against the written record presented in stark tones with very little editorializing.


Fisik buku cultursl dihancurkan, tapi isi buku yang terekam dalam ingatan sulit untuk dihapus selama manusia masih dalam keadaan hidup. There are many histories on and of the book, but there are none devoted to exploring not the creation of book, but its destruction.

Not so when those massacred fenandez dark people from beyond. Dan ketika ini, hati sendiri menempelak. Ulasan lengkap di http: Tidak pernah sekali, saya sendiri persoalkan, dalam bacaan berkaitan kisah perang manusia, berapa jumlah buku dan alat kebudayaan turut sama hancur musnah dan hilang sama sekali.

Hal ini menjadi perhatian para pustakawan dunia, Millicent Abell dari Perpustakaan Yale memperkirakan sekitar 76 juta buku di seluruh Amerika Serikat tengan berubah menjadi debu dalam arti harafiahnya.

But now we come to the good news. For this is the story of libraries and books from ancient times up to Iraq in the last decade, and their destruction, by fire, by war, by censorship, by librarians, and by worms. It’s a gut wrenching read because of how much we lost due to war, ideology, ignorance, fire and insects.

During the II World War, the German Nazi government carried out a deliberate and organized genocide against Jewish people in Europe and it fernsndez eliminating all sorts of “misfits” such as mentally ill people, homosexuals and indeed, any dissenter to their empire.

Selanjutnya masih di bagian ini penulis mengungkap berbagai kejadian penghancuran buku di Mesir, Yunani, Israel, Cina, Romawi, beserta kisah berdiri dan runtuhnya perpustakaan Alexandria dan perpustakaan kuno lainnya.