Canan, Fatih; Karaca, Servet; Düzgün, Melike; Erdem, Ayşe Merve; Karaçaylı, Esranur; Topan .. Ethnic Classroom Composition and Turkish-Origin and German Students’ Reading . Teachers of Turkish Grammar in the Eyes of High School Students in the Programme for International Student Assessment ( PISA) exam. German Translation of the Onomatopoeia Words in The Book Of Dede Korkut .. Nahit Erdem Köker, Ege University Exam”/Lise Öğrencilerinin “Üniversite Sınavı” Kavramına İlişkin Metaforik Algıları .. Feyzan Karabulut, Aksaray University questions about teachers’ thoughts about the lack of a teacher’s guide book. Apr 17, First stage is the Higher Education Entrance Exam (YGS). author under the supervision of assistant professor H. Suphi Erdem . 17 indicates the current obsessive compulsive pathology (Karabulut Friedell suggests that Protagoras is “the founder of scientific grammar in virtue of his research on the.

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List of products by manufacturer ERDEM KARABULUT

The Questionnaire is untimed and…. This study investigates Turkish students ‘ knowledge structure coherence in physics.

Topics in Performance Evaluation, Measurement and Characterization. Advanced Communication and Networking. RFID as an Infrastructure. Both studies are based on odour sampling programs determining the odour removal efficiency of odour control units installed at two different facilities: In the multiple regression model, healthier behaviour was observed in Physical Education and Sports studentsfourth-year studentsthose dehberi exercised regularly, had a good karabuput health status, who lived with their family, and who had received health education lessons.


Two scales were used: This dissertation introduces the University of Minnesota unmanned aerial vehicle flight research platform, a comprehensive simulation and flight test facility for reliability and fault-tolerance research. Digital Diilbilgisi Processing and Communications. The aim of this descriptive study was to determine the features of intelligence perceptions according to age, gender, class level, school success level and university departments.

A Fuzzy Logic Approach.

The Computer Graphics Manual. Darwin Meets von Neumann.

turkish university students: Topics by

The determination of displacement fields is based on scanning probe microscopy SPM data. A total of students from two universities in Turkey were assessed by using the Skin Picking Inventory. Network Computing and Information Security. Reliability and validity testing found the TAI to have acceptable interrater and a wide range of intrarater reliability. A total of students The aim of the present study was to investigate into the critical thinking skills of late adolescent Turkish university students.

An industry-standard reliability assessment technique, the failure modes and effects analysis, is performed for an unmanned aircraft. Enhancing Learning Through Technology. Greyscale and power Doppler images were recorded for subsequent rating of abnormalities.


To evaluate Turkish nursing students ‘ attitudes towards voluntary induced abortion. However, more than half of the students did not exercise regularly and had inadequate dietary habits. Model-Based Software Performance Analysis. Real-Time Graphics Karabulutt Engine. The Turkish form of the scale was applied on high school students. The paper considers the questions of filling the relevant SIEM nodes based on calculations of objective assessments in order to improve the reliability of subjective expert assessments.

Social capital, on the other hand, was…. In order to collect data, the Foreign Language Classroom…. It outlined the initial considerations of performance shaping factors PSFs and related fire effects that may need to be addressed in developing best-estimate human error probabilities HEPs.

Turkey has more than 70 state and private universities. This study is a quantitative research and…. This technique reheri also intended for the purpose of establishing real-time operational information protection in the enterprise information systems.