Results 1 – 30 of 46 Cantico Cosmico. Cantiga , Cantiga A. d. Span. v. Lutz Kliche. by Cardenal, Ernesto. and a great selection of related books. Ernesto Cardenal was born in in Nicaragua and attended both the Cardenal also borrows the canto form invented by Pound to bring “history into poetry”. A few lines by Ernesto Cardenal speak worlds, a beautiful galaxy in which El estrecho dudoso, Canto Nacional, Oráculo sobre Managua and Los And on Saturday, finally, he will present his Cántico Cósmico in the Le.

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El Evangelio en Solentiname. However, in this later poetry the fertile juxtaposition of his moral stance with his readings of Pound and his opposition to Somoza has given way to a lax prose syntax that carries few poetic surprises. Family moved to Leon, For protest poetry to work on its audience it must be direct, immediately comprehensible, and, in Latin America, readable aloud.

He began translating Pound, William Carlos Williams, and others, aware that most of the Latin American poets of his generation were still, like Ruben Darfo before him, looking towards French culture, and especially French surrealism, for their examples. Cardenal discovered the means to carry out his new perception of the role of the poet in an illiterate country like Nicaragua through reading Ezra Ernestoo while studying at Columbia University in New York.

Literary surrealism had an enormous liberating impact on Latin American poetry, for it seemed to combine personal freedom of expression with a revolutionary context.


Merton, ; Homenaje a Ernesto Cardenal, edited by P. Salmos Psalms of Struggle and Liberation combines a rewriting of the Biblical psalms with a critique of Somoza.

However, the ferocious political situation under the successive dictatorships of the Somozas made Cardenal reconsider the ambition of a merely personal liberation in a written text. It avoids the condensation of meaning in metaphors and uses the syntax of prose.

Poetas de Cafdenal en Espana: Cardenal develops a counterpointing cosmido of opposing the past Caesar and others with the present Somozaand by pretending to write love poems avoids direct political denunciation.

Songs of Celebration of the Nicaraguan Revolution, translated by Marc Zimmerman bilingual edition Del Monasterio al Mundo: The Indian Poems, edited by Russell O.

Ernesto Cardenal | Open Library

Granada, Nicaragua, 20 January It must be emphasized that Cardenal sounded strange and new to most of his contemporaries because he had turned to another literary tradition. In some ways Cardenal, by expanding what can be included in a lyrical poem, has become the unofficial historian of Nicaragua, then Central America, and finally for the whole Latin American subcontinent. wrnesto

When Cardenal began publishing his poems in the cannto it was under two crucial influences, one literary, the other political.

Vida en el amor.

Barnatan, ; Emblems of a Season of Fury by T. Oracion por Marilyn Monroe, y otros poemas. La hora 0 y otros poemas.


Publications Verse La ciudad deshabitada. The Chilean poet Pablo Neruda had led the way in the early s with his realization that a poem must be read aloud to spread beyond the confines of the printed word and the few who can afford to buy books.


It is this moral vision that allows Cardenal to blend his Christian messianism he was ordained as a priest in with coskico reading of Karl Marx. McAnany, ; as Psalms, translated by Thomas Blackburn, Salmon, translated by Carlos and Monique Altschul. Homenaje a los indios americanos.

Cardenal, politico by M.


In the collections El estrecho dudoso The Doubtful Strait and Homenaje a los indios americanos Homage to the American Indians Cardenal expands his poems by recreating the history of the conquest of Central America and catalogues the pre-Columbian Indian heritage, basing his work on archival studies, and incorporating voices and historical documents into the poems so that a reader actually learns about the forgotten past. Walsh, translated by Paul W. History and the Inner Life by William Rowe, Editor, with Jose Coronel Urtecho, Antologia de la poesia norteamericana.

Cristianismo y revolucion by E.

Los ovnis de oro: Surrealism, with its twisted dark metaphors, its forays into the unconscious, would not do. His poem Cantico cosmico Cosmic Canticle is a celebration of the energy of the cosmos, based on his reading of science and cosmology in pursuit of an interest that derives from his earlier reading of the theologian Teilhard de Chardin.

The epigrams remain fresh and provocative. La guerra de liberacion—der Befreiungskrieg, with Richard Cross. Walsh, ; as Love in Practice: