Tackifying Resin, Product Description: Escorez™ LC is a premium aromatic modified aliphatic hydrocarbon resin with a narrow molecular weight. Product datasheets and sales specifications for Escorez™ tackifying resins. Africa & Middle Escorez™ LC (AM & EU), 18, , Escorez™ , PRODUCT NAME: ESCOREZ series .. THE FOLLOWING MATERIALS: Petroleum hydrocarbon resin ECR | Escorez LC |.

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Main request yes ; auxiliary requests no Valid priority claim no Main request: Hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive for high speed automatic labeling and preparation method thereof. Examples 1 to 4 illustrate the effects of the polymerization conditions on the resin properties. The results are given in the table escroez.

A particular preferred tackifier for use in a hot melt pressure sensitive composition has the following typical properties see also example This is illustrated in the following table:.

The Opposition Division held that all these documents described pressure-sensitive adhesive compositions containing the S-I-S triblock elastomer component “Vector ” and the tackifier “Wingtack Extra” or “Escorez ” which were embraced by the elastomer and tackifier components defined in Claim 1 and which were characterized in the patent specification itself as suitable adhesive ingredients. Aliphatic petroleum-based ecsorez, method to control their softening point and molecular weight and hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive containing same.

The catalyst was simultaneously added and the mixture was circulated from the bottom of the reactor to the catalyst inlet point. Login to see your most recently viewed materials here. Aliphatic petroleum-based resins having controlled softening points and molecular weights and hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive containing same.

Particularly preferred application forms are adhesive tapes and labels. Adhesive compositions comprising block copolymers of a monovinylaromatic compound and butadiene.

Import Data and Price of hydrocarbon resin from france | Zauba

A label comprising a substrate and a hot melt pressure sensitive composition comprising a polymer and a petroleum based aliphatic resin, wherein said petroleum-based aliphatic resin has: The table shows the percentages of aromatic protons between 6.


Particularly preferred application forms are adhesive tapes and labels. The abbreviations and trade names used in the following are explained in the Experimental Section below.

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Product datasheets and sales specifications for Escorez™ tackifying resins

To attain the optimum profile of a low melt viscosity, good compatibility to organic solvents, high tack and shear properties without losing high temperature shear performance, conventional petroleum-based tackfying resins used to contain a certain amount of aromatic modifications.

With a letter dated 25 May new sets of claims as bases for a new ewcorez request and auxiliary requests 1 to 5, replacing all former requests, were filed. Because the amount of cyclic components in the feed is also influencing the final amount of cyclic structures in the resin and thus the ultimate melt eescorez of a hot melt pressure sensitive composition, a preferred composition 220 given as well.

The polymerization can be carried out in a continuous process or in a batch mode.

Please read our License Agreement regarding materials data and our Privacy Policy. US USA en Esforez polymerized styrene-isoprene-styrene block copolymer adhesive composition. Method of controlling the softening point and molecular weight of the aliphatic resin, the resin-based oil, and hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive comprising the resin.

The use of Escorez LC gives a better high temperature shear to steel like found for Piccotac 95E but also gives the highest viscosity. This can be confirmed by determining a number of physicochemical properties wscorez are indicative for cyclic structures.

Details of Escorez Import Data Under HS Code 39111090 in June

Auxiliary requests 2 and 3 were not allowed under Article 2 EPC. The appeal is dismissed. Or if you don’t have an 22033 with us yet, then click here to register.

Inventive step had already been discussed in the opposition proceedings and in the written appeal proceedings, and the amended main request did not give rise to any further matters which the Esvorez were not in a position to address. It was found that the amount of cyclic structures could be influenced by varying the polymerization conditions, like catalyst level, reaction temperature, amount of chain transfer agent and the feed composition.


The results clearly show that the use of the aliphatic resin of the present invention results in a low hot melt viscosity together with good balanced tack and shear properties in all four polymers.

ExxonMobil Escorez™ LC (AM & EU) Tackifying Resin

The main request is therefore not allowable. Aromatic modified tackifying resins, however, are 15 disadvantageous for a number of reasons. Because very little aromates are built in, resins made according to this invention give better high temperature shear strengths than aromatic modified resins like EscorezHercotac and Hercules RESIN A.

The priority date 15 December is therefore not validly claimed. A process for preparing an adhesive tape comprising: Prior art resins with no aromatic modification failed to attain the above properties to a satisfactory extent. Users requiring more precise data for scientific or engineering calculations can click on the property value to see the original value as well as raw conversions to equivalent units.

It is also desirable to provide aliphatic resins which are useful in hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive compositions and combine a low melt viscosity with excellent tack and shear properties, and a hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive containing such resins.

These objections in particular concerned formal aspects, ie the incorrect category esforez Claim 3, the incorrect back-references in the dependent Claims 3 to 5 and the inadmissibility of Claim 6 under Rule 57a EPC.