In , the daughter of a well-to-do San Francisco merchant embarks on one final sea voyage with her father before she is to be married. Sailing aboard her father’s ship is all seventeen-year-old Camille Rowen has ever wanted. But as a lady in nineteenth-century San Francisco, her future is set. Sailing aboard her father’s ship is all seventeen-year-old Camille Rowen has ever wanted. But as a lady in San Francisco, her future is set: marry a man.

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Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I just hope that the book gets written as I hear that Scholastic are not lined up to publish the third book. As much everladting Camille likes Randall, she doesn’t feel any sparks with him and this makes her wonder if sh This story is set during the s of San Francisco.

There’s a darker side to the legend surrounding the stones that’s revealed, and Camille begins to understand that her actions at the end angke Everlasting have serious consequences. After all, it’s okay for girls to have male friends who they don’t wind up head over heels in love with.

Tit for tat I always say There was no need to make a sequel, and I fear there will be a third book to follow. She’s seventeen, which means that going on voyages with her ship captain father is almost a thing of the past, as everlastkng engaged to Randall, one of San Francisco’s most coveted potential husbands.

I was sure that she was trying to make a move on Oscar. Particularly well written for Middle School and also a great read as an adult.


Yet this seems to have had no effect on the San Fransisco in this book. I guess I just wanted more zest to the story or maybe just more in general.


I can’t tell you why though. Apr 16, Dariya rated it really liked it Shelves: Domorius was also a dissapointment as they passed through the underworld frwzier easily, so you did not really fear him. Though she is set to wed, it is expected of her in the time period and that engagement causes a certain amount of strife for her.

Poignant and historically realistic, Everlasting is a great mix of love and adventure. However, once they leave port and the Christina sets sail things never slow down. At some points of the story, I am not happy with her either. She’d have miners walking 15 miles just to take a look at her historically miners would do this for even a rumor of a lady being in a town.

The Eternal Sea

Like I always say, those who are interested in this book should still give it a try because you might have a different reading experience. It’s twists and turns at every corner. Yes my dears, their is cost to the stone that Camille used.

Everlasting is fraziier adventure. Mar 08, Valerie L rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Oct 12, Deborah rated it really liked it. At the beginning of The Eternal Sea, the story picks up just shortly after it left off in Everlasting.

Her cast of characters is delightful, from the dashing Oscar with his charm and loyalty to the loveable con-man Ira with his wit and humor. I loved her from the first page. I think Camille is kidding herself if she thinks that everyone will ignore that ever,asting was off in the wilds of Australia doing God knows what with who knows who and welcome her back with open arms in light of the fact that her fortune is gone and her reputation is in question.

This is fine, but one of the things that made Everlasting a great read is that it’s setting and time period were unique. Each new chapter, the reader learns more about the stone and at what cost it will take to get back their lives. She watched as his eyes traveled over her own features, touching on the wound by her temple and settling on the heart-shaped fullness of her lips.


We see Camille go off on another journey that is packed with action, suspense, and even more romance. Oscar was my favourite character, so much better than Camille and the rest of everlastting.

The Eternal Sea (Everlasting, #2) by Angie Frazier

For example, Oscar spends 2. And then there’s the love triangle. The kind with swords, pirates, shipwrecks, tough decisions and islands with buried treasure.

One of those things being Randall. As a School Librarian I will be recommending it to the girls in our school.

Win an ARC of EVERLASTING! – Angie Frazier

I’m pretty sure I mentioned this in my review of Everlasting, but I’m going to say it again now: In my opinion, there are not enough historical fiction books with fantasy elements out there, and some of the ones that are out there are a bit disappointing.

It makes it even more memorable. Tired of the hope, only to see it obliterated. He was hilarious and came off as agie man who did not take life seriously at first. Another reason for my dissapointment was that there was literally no action in the majority of the book, all the action was at the end of the book and had to be wrapped up pretty quickly as she left alot of threads hanging throughout the book.

To me, the book will always be known as Eventide.