“Fairy Tale” by Cyn Balog is an entertaining account of a modern day fairy tale, occurring in New Jersey where the characters are juniors in high school. Fairy Tale by Cyn Balog – book cover, description, publication history. Morgan and her football star boyfriend Cam have been “attached at the hip since kindergarten,” but now their love is threatened by the.

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The Heroin was shallow. She totally underestimates herself, but her humbleness cn her even more appealing. Morgan must face losing forever the love of her life on her sixteenth birthday.

Or maybe because Morgan is just a rather normal girl and I unfairly compared her to saintly or overly adult teen-heroines. They’ve been best friends and in love with each other their whole lives.

Read more from the Study Guide. As a reader, however, what I found most annoying about this novel was simply Balog’s writing style.

Cam and Pip were just adorable and I was going through all the mixed emotions Morgan was experiencing. The worst part of all was the way faeries were described. She seemed to take her boyfriend for granted, whine about completely unimportant things, care only about the excactnes If I sort through the emotions reading this fairy changeling story has brought up in me, the one that sticks out is sadness.

He and Pip were switched at birth, and Cam’s biological brother tal. View all 10 comments. Cyn ha uno stile troppo easy per i miei gusti. Especially, when for the first time in her life, she is experiencing feelings for someone else.


Fairy Tale Summary & Study Guide

A little too perfect, but it all comes tumbling down when her boyfriend discovers that he’s actually a fairy and at their upcoming sweet sixteen birthday party he’s supposed to go back and be king in fairy world.

Good gosh, this girl was so shallow. They even share the same birthday and Morgan and Cam have been planning a big sweet sixteen-birthday bash for months. This is the author’s debut novel, so that could be a reason that this isn’t a great book, because I read another book of her which I actually liked!

One difficulty I had in terms of enjoyment is that Balog’s characters just aren’t interesting or compelling. Possibly Cyn Balog could have turned things around if she devoted more of her time to writing the main characters better personality traits. Sometimes I’m a bit leery that fantasy books will be so much fantasy that I will be lost, I need fantasy that is extremely grounded in our own reality and I found that with Fairy Tale. No, I love Pip!! Say by day, Cam is slowly changing into a fairy, but no one notices, however Pip is changing as well.

Fairy Tale Summary & Study Guide

Cam becomes happier after using his fairy magic to save the life of Gracie Nelson, a young neighbor, yet he assures Morgan he is not having second thoughts about staying with her. But when Cam’s cousin Pip comes to stay with the afiry, Cam seems depressed.

Where did they come from? Una lettura ridicola, a tratti addirittura imbarazzante.


Fairy Tale by Cyn Balog (1 star ratings)

A Million More Pages: I read this book a while ago, and let’s just say that it was one of the most disappointing books I have read in my entire life yes, because even children picture books are better then this. I have been looking forward to Fairy Tale for a long time. It was a very sweet, nice novel. Hopefully I shall not be disappointed I do not think I will be. If you can imagine a gaggle of self-absorbed girls jabbering away in high-pitched squeal, you’d have a good grasp on the voice.

And yet, Balog’s writing turns a potentially interesting story into a reading chore.

I really liked Fairy Tale. Morgan feels guilty when she begins fantasizing about Pip, reminding herself that she loves Cam and eventually coming to believe that her feelings for Pip are the result of fairy magic.

So this is the second time I have read this book. First, she’s bored, sardonic, ctn better than any one she’s around.

Fairy Tale by Cyn Balog. But it was cute and enjoyable for what it was. I am not entirely saying that Fairy Tale was completely the same as Wondrous Strange.


I found Morgan to be very unlikeable. I wanted to enjoy this novel. Mar 20, Alea rated it it was amazing Shelves: