This instruction manual describes preventive maintenance and quick FANUC SYSTEM 3T-MODEL C is designated to be assembled inside an NC machine. Fanuc System 3T-Model D Operator’s Manual(BE 02) – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. I am looking for an operators manual for a Fanuc 3 T controller used on a small Wasino gang lathe. Any help would be appreciated. Going to.

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Also, where the heck do you buy gang-tool style bits? I would like to find a manual that goes into the disambly of the head stock and slides. Look’s like you have a Hydro unit I don’t have for the draw bar.

First If you can post more pic’s, How Deep did you go into the mechinacal of the Lathe Bearing’s and such I have fabuc of the same model I have maintnace manual’s and programing with paramiter list’s If I can Help at pressent mine is down with a spindel drive issue I manula Igbat’s to replace and have so far replaced one the msnual frelance Fanuc tec told me that the top one was the most likley to be the one dead but no change in symptom’s after changing it will move on and test as I change to hopefuly find the proublem.

I’m very familiar with machining centers, but I’m in need of some assistance translating that into “ancient” CNC lathe operation.

I have work offsets which I can set with G10, G54, etc.

Follow us on All times are GMT There are some advanced tricks to avoid re-setting G50’s for each job but start with this simple method first. I need the parameter list to get the machine working.


So here’s some before pictures. Results 1 to 10 of You will need it several times. It has a kitagawa actuator and I just barely see a company logo that begins with M on the spindle housing.

I have 6T and 0T maintenance manuals but I dont suppose the parameter list from these will work or can some be used just to check if the Hydraulics come on etc. Maybe you tanuc tell me, a mystery item to me on the spindle is what looks like an air driven indexer.

Need help understanding “zero” on a Fanuc 3T.

Let maunal know if I can help with what documation I have. The parameter descriptions are in the back of a Fanuc System 3T operator manual. Zero return the machine, then on the position page X[origin] Z[origin] to zero the position readout. I know I had to tweak a bunch of parameters on mine because even though the original company bought a lot of options, it’s obvious they never used a lot of them since the related parameters either had default values or nothing.

While you do not have a parameter manual you can see if you 3g those parameters.

Fanuc 3t Maintenance Manual pdf – CNC Manual

What did they use originally? I haven’t found any hardware manual for the PL3B’s, they’re kind of an orphan product. I have a “random” zero which is wherever the table was on power-up. The ballscrews were actually fresh and the table had no appreciable backlash less than a tenth of a thou. I just got everything moving, now I have to buy all the long-term maintenance bits I was figuring that you do the same thing on a lathe.


Fanuc 3T Parameters Manual

Ad text and spelling. The time now is Did you do a number on the DC servo’s? It started with the spindle seeming to pull down and then fault out I could reset then the same I noticed that the load meater was going nut’s and I already had a noise to address in the motor I changed the bearing and dresed up the electrical conection’s inside and checked the tac pick up I wasen’t the first one to be inside it. Last edited by Kevin Taylor; at So if the table moves 1″, the readout said 2″.

Al to the rescue again: I have the original maintenance manual, but I could not find any parameters that seemed relevant. By roymanvega in forum Fanuc. Now I just need to figure out if there’s any way to set DNC on this machine Tha thing look’s manuxl a shot pin to lock the slindel to suport a barfeed or maybe index tanuc live tooling manula I have tryed to call out index on mine with no luck but the param.

From my admittedly limited understanding, I have the absolute fancu which I can tweak with gridshift offsets, but does not seem to be used for anything except G28, e.

The time now is Same goes fsnuc the DC spindle. Parameter 8 relates to axis parameters for reference counter and multiplying ratio.