Known wireless clients. MAC. Gigaset AGU. () Gigaset AGU u. LAN Gigaset AGU u MAC. ” ” () Wireless Network: () Advanced Settings (WDS) . Power on your modem, and find an hardware reset button available on the unit itselt. press and hold for some seconds, you can release after all. Page 1 of 7. Contents. Siemens AGU (ADSL Network). Connect the Ethernet cable from Huawei to LAN1/WAN port of the Gigaset router and connect.

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Administration Configures settings for the system log page Your device will then forward all incoming data traffic from the Internet to this client.

Configuring Advanced Settings Using port forwarding the forwarding of requests to particular ports the router is forced to send requests from the Internet for a certain service, for example a game, to the appropriate port s on the PC on which giyaset game is running.

Reboots the device page This may differ depending on the provider settings. Should you use a different pop-up blocker, you must gigset this accordingly. When the device is ready for use, the LEDs light up as follows: It should then be ready for use again.

  ASTM D5853 PDF

One possible service is DynDNS.

It complies with IEEE Page 90 Index Internet connection. Channel All clients in the network use the set radio channel for wireless data transfer. Enter a name for the PC in the Comment field.

Configuring Advanced Settings Notes: This time setting only applies to the Connect on demand and Connect manually options. New settings can only be made after the router has been rebooted.

If you wish to use other functions of the router Gigaset AGU, for example the comprehensive security features, use the Advanced Settings page Only following deletion is the entry transferred to the list of known MAC addresses. If you activate MAC access control, you must at least add the PC on which you are con- figuring the router to the list. Protocol, User name, Password.

In this case you must ensure that the assignment of the IP address to the domain name is updated gigawet. I moved to a new apartment and changed my land line and internet company provider. Opening the firewall for a selected PC Exposed Host.

SIEMENS Gigaset 504 AGU Instruction Manual

Changes the system password page The language modules available are located on the CD supplied. Detailed instructions for use are in the User’s Guide.

The registered but currently unavailable repeaters are shown only by their MAC addresses.


System management Your router Gigaset AGU offers you the option of using remote management in addition to the configuration program that you access via a PC in your local network.

Deactivating the HTTP proxy. You may have to change the encryption of your wireless network, if applicable. Table of Contents Add to my gigaet Add. Wireless connection is possible after completing the installation of the router and switching on the WLAN function via the configuration program.

The start screen shows the status and also the Connect or Disconnect button.

SOLVED: How i can reset gigaset agu modem – Fixya

You can now configure the router using this PC from the user interface of the router. Appendix Deactivating HTTP proxy and configuring a pop-up blocker Before you can start the configuration program of the router Gigaset AGU, you might need to adjust the settings described below for your Web browser. Your device allows several users to access the Internet simultaneously. Page 87 Internet that runs not on tigaset, but on another network component. The default setting for access control is deactivated.