Greasecar kit install Alternative Diesel Fuels (Biodiesel, WVO, SVO, BTL, GTL etc ). Find Greasecar Vegetable Fuel Systems: Installation DVD A4 Volkswagen Jetta TDI, at Movies & TV, home of thousands of titles on. Does anyone have the instructions to install one of these? I have most of the parts I think, minus the T used on the coolant. I Think I understand.

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The Greasecar system is engineered to perform in any climate, requiring only slightly longer warm-up times in extreme cold. Sorry that you had problems with it, but you can pick up those “T’s” installatjon home depot or any hardware store.

More studies are underway and results will vary depending on engine and tuning. I have seen good and bad on doing it.

Vegetable oil plants absorb more carbon dioxide from the air during their growing cycle than is released when the oil is burned, this means that vegetable oil does not produce excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere this is referred to as carbon neutral. If you can’t find any I wasn’t able to except mcmaster. This feature can also be used to bleed air out of fuel lines and is done with a push of a button on your dash without the need to stop the vehicle and open the hood.

Greasecar kit install – TDIClub Forums

What type of restaurants tend to have the best oil? Do you think you’d be interested in attending the seminar?


Send a private message to BioDiesel. The Greasecar system has been installed in hundreds of new VW TDIs some of which have logged more thanmiles since conversion and no problems have been reported.

Most restaurants are happy to give their oil away as the generally have to pay disposal fees. They really need to revise the kit. Originally Posted by wdschell View Post. There have been no complaints of power loss with converted vehicles. We always recommend a complete kit to ensure a successful conversion.

Is it a good kit kit to install and is it worth it? Quote message in reply?

There is no “conversion” kit in existence that can resolve the inherent issues with raw oils such as glycerin, acidity, non-water fluid contamination cooker cleaning agentsfat content and hydrogenation that filtering and heating cannot possibly affect. Find More Posts by rez Search for your application or view conversion candidates with the application search on our conversion kit pages.

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The heat will reduce the viscosity of vegetable oil so that it is similar to diesel and can be injected into the engine properly.

The most common diesel passenger vehicles in the US are made by Volkswagen and Mercedes. Water in your fuel can ruin your injection system!! Jetta Green Fuel Economy: By the way, son’t expect the greasecar kit to provide enough heat to run vegoil.

Biodiesel was developed specifically to address all of the problems associated with burning raw oils and requires NO conversion or modifications to use. I Think I understand the basic concept, was just looking for some help on the install. Gone, but not forgotten. What if you can’t find vegetable oil? Raw vegetable oil is very destructive to all diesel engines, both for the fuel system and the engine itself.


After installatjon up radiator fluid will transfer heat from the engine to the heat exchangers in instzllation Greasecar fuel system. There should be no difference in fuel economy between diesel and vegetable oil. I am at almost k on my ’01 Jetta. I am looking for a new beetle TDI once I find it my own kit will be installed. I spent hours andhours and many trips to hardware stores. Purging generally takes around 30 seconds and can be done while driving with the push of intallation button on you Greasecar controls.

You currently iinstallation 0 posts. What should I avoid when securing an oil source? It is also wise to avoid unsecure outdoor containers, as they are more likely to contain water and bacteria contamination.

Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. Greasecar modified vehicles are used daily in temperatures below F. Will oil go bad? Can I use any type of vegetable oil? Send a private message to KansasDiesel. The time now is Is Greasecar worth it??