“El guardagujas”, de Juan José Arreola. El forastero llegó sin aliento a la estación desierta. Su gran valija, que nadie quiso cargar, le había. El genial autor mexicano Juan José Arreola tiene varios padres literarios: Es lo que sucede con El Guardagujas, que escribía Borges era el. taken there, don’t you agree?” “Most people would say you are right. Over at the inn you can talk to people who have. The Switchman1. Juan José Arreola.

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There are clearly rails laid down for a train, but nothing to indicate that a train does indeed pass through this particular station.

But it soon becomes apparent from the information provided him by his interlocutor that the uncertain journey he is about to undertake is a metaphor of the absurd human condition described by Camus. Another episode involves a trainload of energetic passengers who became heroes absurd heroes in Camusian terms when they disassembled their train, carried it across a bridgeless chasm, and reassembled it on the other side in order to complete their journey.

El Espartano de Javier Negrete. Joae upon inquiring again where the stranger wants to go, the switchman receives the answer X instead of T.

In one case, where the train reached an abyss with no bridge, the passengers happily broke guardagujax and rebuilt the train on the other side. It was republished ten years later along with other published works by Arreola at that time in the collection El Confabulario total.


The Switchman

Guardaggujas details of the story do not really support his claim that he is indeed an official switchman, so it may be that his tales represent a system that presents absurdity as an official truth and relies on the gullibility of the audience.

The old man then dissolves in the clear morning air, and only the red speck of the lantern remains visible before the noisily approaching engine.

Lo importante no es el precio, sino el valor de las cosas. De los hombres y de las moscas. When the stranger asks the switchman how he knows all of this, the switchman replies that he is a retired switchman who visits train stations to reminisce about old times. The latter comes closest to the most convincing interpretation, namely, that Arreola has based his tale on Albert Camus ‘s philosophy of the absurd as set forth in The Myth of Sisyphus, a collection of essays Camus published in Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list.

Punt de Llibre Convocatorias. Algunas de esas amistades se transformaron pronto en idilios, y el resultado ha sido F.

The Switchman (El Guardagujas) by Juan José Arreola, |

En los bosques, de Pavel Mielnikov. The railroad management was so pleased that they decided to suspend any official bridge building and instead encourage the stripping and recreation of future trains.


Spanish and Portuguese Lit Months From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Paisaje de invierno, de John Berryman.

Descontexto: “El guardagujas”, de Juan José Arreola

Tira 12 – tomo I. Hay quien ha gastado en boletos una verdadera fortuna Dexter Gordon en el Nose de Otras Voces, Otras Lecturas. Modern Language Association http: In their view, their elaborate system, which includes accommodations for years-long trips and even for deaths, is very good.

El metge, de Noah Gordon. Compran un boleto para ir a T. En otras palabras, al subir a un tren, nadie espera ser conducido al sitio que desea.

In his piece, Arreola focuses on reality as well. DscnTxt Editores, Santiago de Chile, Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia.

The switchman turns to tell the stranger that he is lucky. He vanishes because he has fulfilled his role as the stranger’s subconscious by not only asking the Camusian question “Why?