Harley-Davidson Sportster Motorcycle Repair Manuals – Fix your bike like a pro! Get your Repair Manual fast from , with our Best Price. Harley Davidson Sportster Models Service Repair Manual Harley Davidson-Sportster_ XLH Sportster 93 a 98 – Service Manual TG. View and Download Harley-Davidson Sportster owner’s manual online. Sportster Motorcycle pdf manual download. Also for: Iron , Sportster .

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Mark the cylinder to ensure it is installed in its original position. Repair or re- place worn or damaged screwdrivers. Install the rear cover and the speedometer or tachometer cover. If the hub on spoke wheels is damaged, the hub can be replaced by removing the spokes and assembling a new hub.

Adjust the idle speed. Replace them if necessary as sportstet in Chapter Ten or Chapter Eleven. Using a suitable mandrel, press in the inner end bearing to dabidson depth of 0. Step 1 describes how to install a bearing in a case half or over a shaft.

Check for intake air leaks at the manifolds and carburetors.

Check battery connec- Recharge tions. Install the spring Figure 60 into the center of the ac- celerator pump diaphragm. Remove the nuts from the speedometer studs A, B and C, Figure Remove the two screws A, Figure 79 securing the end cover to the brush holder.


Remove all dirt and debris from both cylinders.

Rubber manifold models Refer to Figure Place a drain pan beside one fork tube, then remove the drain screw Figure 23 manuzl the slider. Sprocket Shaft Main Bearing Assembly Replacement Replace the sprocket shaft main bearing assembly as a complete set even if only one bearing or race is damaged.

Harley Sportster Manual

Make sure all lights work. This setup will ener- gize the relay for testing. The mainshaft Figure 10 should enter fifth gear Figure Turn the fuel supply off and disconnect the fuel line from the carburetor. The cylinder head bolts are properly tightened Chapter Four.

Disconnect the neutral switch electrical connector from the switch Figure Then align the inner teeth on a steel plate with the clutch hub grooves and install the plate.

If removed, install the pushrod cover assemblies. Number of sleeve marks visible Vernier scale between the number sleeve mark and the thimble edge 0. NOTE Be sure the belt tension gauge is positioned so it applies force squarely against the belt.


Install a new circlip, with the beveled side facing away from the bearing, into the access door groove. Inspect the battery as described in this chapter. Adjust the drive belt Chapter Three. It is also possible that a plug of the wrong heat range too hot is being used.


On models, disconnect the VOES vac- uum hose from davidon carburetor Figure 92 with the engine idling at rpm. NOTE Insert the two cross plate pins into the pin holes in the transmission housing.

Harley-Davidson XLH Sportster Service Manual

Note the Connected voltmeter reading while progressing along the harness. Install the shift drum locating plate Figure 36 into the shift drum groove, making sure the hole in the plate fits over the roll pin in the access door Figure When sportsrer leads are uncrossed, the needle should move to the other Male end of the scale, indicating infinite resistance.

Crossover heat shield Before replacing the Symptom: Use them only for driving screws. Detach the hose clamp, then direct the hose end into the drain pan.