MT ( ) . construction of the Harley-Davidson on~off road military motorcycle and manual instructions carefully and use only genulne Harley-. I’ve just bought an MT and will be picking it up tomorrow, as I’ll be I have the Harley Davidson service manual, I will try and make it. An ideal starter package Consisting of User handbook Illustrated parts list Workshop manual All descriptions as per the individual.

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And unless the carburation is spot on, and the engine is warm, this will happen to you. OK They are reliable when sorted. But that doesn’t tell you anything. Judge it by ear. Most of us kick it off the bike using our right leg. Thread starter newbee Start date 17 Jun Don’t tell me you bought one????? Started by Bagl0ck Today at If you buy one of these bikes, you probably know how to get your hands dirty, so I’ll just say get an Army manual, and work it out for yourself.

Or it may have come back from somewhere with serious engine damage, then sat around not being fixed.

There are Manuwl who buy at auction from the Armed Forces, check the bike over, then sell to you and I. May be white, may have been sold, some may be cc. Casual Game Chat Thread.

Everything else about the bike should be ‘normal’, in a soft, comfortable off-road bike kind of a way. All other checks and tests are the same as for any bike.

If you are young and fit, you could practice the art and you may be able to learn how to get it going with your left leg. Latest snowflake outrage Latest: As long as take-up is smooth ‘They all do that, Sir’.


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Your local tester will do this using the frame number as its identity. When kanual are released to the public, this is removed, and they are sold with ‘de-mob papers’.

The Armstrong MT500 & MT350

If one does get lost, they are not widely available. Microsoft Outlook Started by Dennis48 25 minutes ago Replies: Buying direct ex-army, you will be very lucky to get any history.

Use mineral oil, synthetic makes the clutch snatch. If you know of a proper ruggedized, bullet-proof solution – let manuxl know before mine goes again ; Check the balance weights on the wheels. If it pulls smoothly immediately, congratulate the owner on their carburettor jarley. The left-hand kickstart of the is an acquired art. Once started and warmed up, listen carefully. Apollo 8 – 50th anniversary Latest: Check whether they have been using the bike, not trying to offload an un-registered dog they got at auction!

For urban commuting, it makes a big difference.

Joth’s MT Resource Files

Current Affairs, News and Analysis. Registration is not a ,anual process. I would not recommend the newcomer to these bikes to dive head first into buying at auction – especially when you realise hzrley private prices are often less than auction prices. Front brakes are either ‘is there anything there’or ‘stand on its nose’ A ‘s engine may be difficult to start, this is not in itself a problem see below.

  BS 2874 CA104 PDF

This may have followed an attempt by Armstrong to build a Police-spec motorcycle, though we don’t think the Police ever took them on. Buying direct ex-Army – at auction – you are taking a big chance. They are more useful than they seem if you need to carry heavy stuff. You should not be offered uarley Q-registration, since you can clearly demonstrate ‘Year of Manufacture’ to be from mt30 Army Papers. Test drive If the clutch squeels alarmingly as you pull off, don’t worry.

Sturdy well priced bike, yes i know you dont get the service history etc, but the ones we had in the marines didnt get used a great deal as the powers above said you had to have done the MP bike course!!

MT Started by dave 22 Jul Replies: Additional screen, hand-guards, MT front end Military History and Militaria. The spark plug is awkward to reach, your generic socket and extension may not get in there and you may need to buy a new thin-walled plug spanner to get at it.

Be careful not to strip engine bolts, the casings are quite soft. Direct ex-Army Buying direct ex-army, you will be very lucky to get any history. If there is rust coming through from the inside – and any under-paint rust you can see is coming from inside – you will be replacing hagley soon.