Bitemporal hemianopsia most commonly occurs as a result of tumors located at the mid-optic 4 I would like to thank Professor Mason and her. Bitemporal Heteronymous Hemianopia. 1. BITEMPORAL HETERONYMUS HEMIANOPIA Roll No. Muhammad Mubashir Tanvir Roll No. The Humphrey visual field test showed bitemporal visual field defects. The differential diagnosis of bitemporal hemianopia includes tumors causing.

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Fluorescein angiography showed that the areas of choroidal and retinal atrophy were associated with marked hyperfluorescence in the mid to late bitmeporal of the angiogram in both eyes but without any leakage from choroidal or retinal vessels. Repeat magnetic resonance imaging results were normal. Optical coherence tomography showed marked thinning of the maculae Figure 2 B. Dr Miller had full access to all of the data in the study and takes responsibility for the integrity of the data and the accuracy of the data analysis.

Macular OCT was performed and normal foveal contour was noted. The most common cause reported for bitemporal hemianopia is trauma. A diagnosis of acute zonal occult outer retinopathy, a disorder known to produce diffuse or focal field defects, was made.

Information from the temporal visual field falls on the nasal medial retina.

The closest gland that is found is known as the pituitary gland, so any type of trauma to the pituitary gland such as pituitary adenomas and craniopharyngiomas can also be the cause of this condition. Bitemporal hemianopsia most commonly occurs as a result of tumors located at the mid-optic chiasm. We then ordered Humphrey visual fields, which confirmed bitemporal field defects Fig. Cataract Congenital cataract Childhood cataract Aphakia Ectopia lentis.


On a return visit, we noted tilted insertions of the optic nerves and diffuse atrophy of the nasal retinal pigment epithelium RPE, Fig. This article includes a list of referencesbut its sources remain unclear because it has insufficient inline citations. Urology Rx Linked to Maculopathy Feature: The absence of vision in half of a visual field is described as hemianopsia. One of the most characteristic findings of tilted disc syndrome is Fuchs coloboma, an ectatic defect of the inferior and inferonasal disc.

The Case of Bitemporal Visual Field Defects – American Academy of Ophthalmology

Bitemporal hemianopsiaalso known as bitemporal heteronymous hemianopsia or bitemporal hemianopiais the medical description of a type of partial blindness where vision is missing in the outer half of both the right and left visual field. In a certain way, only with the central vision the person can perform, the bitemporal hemianopia does not alter the routine activities of life.

D ICD – Globe Fibrous tunic Sclera Scleritis Episcleritis. Privacy Policy Terms of Use.

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Richard Mills’ Opinions, Knowing the neurocircuitry of visual signal flow through the hemmianopsia tract is very important in understanding bitemporal hemianopsia. Thoughts From Your Colleagues. Purchase access Subscribe to JN Learning for one year. Conjunctivitis allergic Pterygium Pinguecula Subconjunctival hemorrhage.

It basically occurs when there is compression or destruction of the optic nerve. There was no acute disease process on the dilated fundus exam, and no changes were observed in the macula.

Bitemporal hemianopsia

What to look for. In this condition, only the hemianopsa vision remains active and this central field is sufficient to have a broad or clear vision. Subsequently, although repeat mfERG results were abnormal, full-field ERG showed no abnormalities; this was probably because a sufficient proportion of the retina in both eyes had not yet been affected.


Repeat magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomographic angiography gave normal results.

Get free access to newly published articles. An additional cause of bitemporal visual field defects is tilted disc syndrome. This page was last edited on 23 Novemberat Exophthalmos Enophthalmos Orbital cellulitis Orbital lymphoma Periorbital cellulitis.

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Bitemporal Hemianopsia – MeSH Result

A multifocal visual evoked potential was attempted but was unsuccessful because of excessive noise. A year-old woman with a history of previously treated tuberculosis, migraine headaches, and osteopenia was found to have a bitemporal hemianopic defect during a routine visual field test as part of an eye examination at an outside institution in MD indicates mean deviation; PSD, pattern standard deviation.

Also, another relatively common neoplastic cause is meningiomas. Schaefer is an oculoplastics fellow at West Virginia University in Morgantown. In bitemporal hemianopsia, vision is missing in the outer temporal or lateral half of both the right and left visual fields. Magnetic resonance imaging and high-resolution computed tomography are also useful in diagnosing the cause of bitemporal hemianopia. Also the compression of the optic chiasm causes the disturbance in the vision since the impulses can not be transferred due to the compression in the area.