Feats are cards that have abilities such as movement, regeneration, etc. They cost “points” to use them in the game. The amount of “points” they cost is in the. This upcoming event they said no resources (probably an oversight) so that opens the door for me to use some Feats. What are you favorite. I’m playing in a tournament next week with feats and Battlefield conditions. What are some characters to pair up with feats and Battlefield.

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The Gauntlet is a Resource, not a Special Object. Find More Posts by rabbit. It was never updated to work under the last iteration of the rules for Herocliix.

Any judge that allows that shouldn’t be a judge outside of some special scenario. As far as prerequisites go, they have to be showing in order for the feat to be usable unless otherwise noted.

Feats and Resources – HeroClix Realms

I would suggest at least downloading the old rulebook from Heroclix. As far as someone countering a prerequisite goes, the last rules we had on feats say that countered powers do not meet the standard as a prerequisite. Any character can be assigned any Feat. Originally Posted by Wolverazio. If you are having problems registering to an account, feel free to Contact Us. Anyone that plays that is a dink. If you would like to participate in the community, please Register to join the discussion!

Print & Play

Yeah, I’ve used the 2 figures before and read their powers to refresh my memory and to see if I was thinking straight Legacy Documents – With Updated: Find More Posts by burleigh2.


Originally Posted by Surfer13 So going back to the Shellhead feat, with impervious, invulnerability, or toughness as a prerequisite, if I am playing this guy Newest Article – Beta Ray Bill.

Originally Posted by Lantern Jordan I have had a herocllix time finding current rulings for “past rules” stuff, and I am unsure how some things work. If the prerequisite is a power, they only need to be able to use that power, is hheroclix not need to be “showing on their dial”.

Okay, that’s what I get for not looking at feats, but I know that a prerequisite doesn’t have to be there to assign a feat and never said it did.

Just look at the Kyle Rayner example. Does the IG count as a special object?

Find More Posts by Wolverazio. Feb Join Date: Surfer13 Member Offline Online Status: Brilliant Tactician isn’t a great example to use. If it is on my force am I still able to place 2 light object and 1 heavy?

And yes, I realize that there are ways to gain other powers that might allow a character to make use of a feat that there were assigned, but if they gain the powers then they have a usable feat, so again, what was the problem? Visit Lantern Jordan ‘s homepage! A character only has to meet the prerequisites for a Feat at the time they are going to use it. And yes, all Feats are Print-and-Play.

Feats | HeroClix Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The time now is That’s the kind of crap I would never think of, but I can see that being super effective and hard to beat short of a strong Superman over points. Honestly, they’re something most people don’t understand well, since they haven’t been supported in many years, and most people never bother with them. Oct Join Date: Brilliant Tactician is a typical example of this; It requires that the character have both outwit and perplex, but only perplex needs to show on the dial in order to use the feat.


When a friendly character uses Probability Control herocclix an action token would be assigned as a result, you may deal The Outsider 1 unavoidable damage instead.

Feats can be played with Resources. Originally Posted by Surfer13 And yes, I realize that there are ways to gain other powers that might allow a character to make use of a feat that there were assigned, but if they gain the powers then they have a usable feat, so again, what was the problem? Usable is not the same as assigned. Originally Posted by Wolverazio Game mechanics built heroclid vacuums that would never be made in the same era heroc,ix lead to such abusive combos that people don’t show up.

Also, again if memory serves, all of the feats and BFCs were retired before the first resource appeared so it was never an issue in Wizkids’ eyes, anyway.

For example, if Shellhead was assigned to a character that had toughness on its first click but toughness was either outwitted or it has taken damage and no longer has a defense ability can it still use shellhead? Feats and Resources I have had a hard time geroclix current rulings for “past fats stuff, and I am unsure how some things work. Originally Posted by burleigh2 Wow