View and Download Honda VFRF owner’s manual online. Honda VFRF Motorcycle Owner’s Manual. VFRF Motorcycle pdf manual. procedures or tools, whether or not recommended by Honda /Tust satisfy himself VFRF. Throughout the manual, the following abbrevia- tions are used to. Save this Book to Read free download service manual honda vfr rc36 PDF eBook at our Online Library. Get free download service manual.

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There is much that you can do to protect yourself when ride. To help prevent the motorcycle from falling over, park hinda on a firm, level surface, using the center stand to provide support. Page In addition, necessary repairs should be made BEFORE storing the motorcycle; otherwise, these repairs may be forgotten by the time the motorcycle is removed from storage.

Start the engine and let it run for several minutes. Operation in forest, brush or grass covered hnda may be illegal. Use the 8 mm box wrench 2 and pin spanner 3 as shown to adjust the rear shock.

Your mwnual, and the safety of others, is very important. Page 68 The battery will not be charged while the engine speed is near idle speed. If the control lever freeplay becomes excessive and the motorcycle creeps or stalls when shifted into gear, or if the clutch slips, causing acceleration to lag behind engine speed, there is probably air in the clutch system and it must be bled out.

Do not tow the motorcycle or coast for long distances while the engine is off. Page Main fuse: Fuel vapor from the fuel tank and carburetor is directed into the charcoal canister and air cleaner where it is adsorbed and stored while the engine is stopped. All of the electrical circuits on your motorcycle have fuses to protect them from a short circuit or overload. They may adversely affect clutch operation.


The specified fuses are: These receipts should be transferred with the motorcycle to the new owner if the motorcycle is sold. Enter text from picture: Page Remove the rear wheel 4 slowly.

Oxygenated Fuels Some conventional gasoline’s are being blended with alcohol or an ether compound. Page 96 If the drive chain requires adjustment, the procedure is as follows: Insert the ignition key 2 and turn it clockwise to unlock.

Tire Replacement The tires that came on your motorcycle were designed to match the performance capabilities of your motorcycle and provide the best combination of handling, braking, durability and comfort. Use only tubeless tires on this motorcycle.

Odometer and tripmeter read in kilometers.

Turn the damping adjuster 1 clockwise until it will no longer turn. Be sure the registration information for your motorcycle is accurate and current. Page 86 Remove the middle fairing page Remove the mounting bolts 3 and cowl plugs 4. Page Fuse box: Upon reaching an odometer reading of 1, miles 1, kmyou can subject the motorcycle to full throttle operation.

Page 97 Wear inspection Check the chain wear label when adjusting the chain.

Rc36 workshop manual download – VFR Info – VFRDiscussion

Page Do not depress the brake lever when the wheel is off the motorcycle. Make sure the low oil pressure indicator goes off.


Page 10 Keep Your Bike in Safe Condition For safe hlnda, it’s important to inspect your motorcycle before every ride and perform all recommended maintenance. Start the engine and let it idle for minutes.


Turn the engine off, place the motorcycle on its center stand and shift the transmission into neutral. Your safety depends not only on your own alertness and familiarity with the motorcycle, but also the motorcycle’s mechanical condition.

Record the numbers here for your reference. Do not depress the brake lever when the wheel is off the motorcycle. Page Remove the battery and charge it fully. It is helpful when ordering replacement parts. Page 60 For your safety, it is very important manial take a few moments before each ride to walk around your motorcycle and check its condition.

Manual Haynes for 1990 Honda VFR 750 FL (rc36)

Wear protective clothing and eye protection when working near the battery. Page 45 Tire Repair If a tire is punctured or damaged, you should replace it, not repair it. Getting electrolyte in your eyes or on your skin can cause serious burns.

Wheel wrench Extension bar This is the full hard setting. Install the mounting bolts 1.