houseboy Ferdinand Oyono begins his haunting tragedy at the end of a Cameroonian houseboy’s life. “Brother, what are we,” Toundi Onduo. Ferdinand Oyono has really done a great work with this fictional work. portrayed this in the life of Toundi when he has to be the houseboy of the Commander. Ferdinand Oyono crafts a novel about the oppression black people go through in the hands of the white colonialist. In West Africa specifically.

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Though it is a housrboy, it provides a strong African voice in a time of great turmoil. When we see Toundi’s white master implying that the “boy” smells badly, it mirrors the sentiment of the black girl lover of a whiteman who complains about the smell of her white boyfriend!

The Madame is no more ignorant than her husband is, or even Toundi is in his affection for her. Her look is as warm as a ray from the setting sun You are commenting using your WordPress.

Jenifer prize August 3, This book really highlighted how fearful French colonialists were of native Cameroonians and Black Africans in general. Houseboythe story of an African oypno who from a young age served white colonizers in his native Cameroun, depicts the plight of Africans who suffered brutality and subjugation under the boot of colonial authority. Whether the French believed their lie or not, neither their hearts nor their country rerdinand open to include their colonial subjects.

I feel as if I’ve been in the presence of an underrated African houswboy. Kipkoech kirui August 5, Each of the many characters have specific roles to play. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: This site uses cookies. Toundi’s innocence gave this novel so much humor.

Waveland Press – Houseboy by Ferdinand Oyono (translated by John Reed)

This is an historical and social analysis of literature, nothing more. Concentrating on the political economy of knowledge construction and dissemination, they look at the variety of ways in which development policies are received and constructed to explain how local knowledges are appropriated and recast, either by local elites or by development agencies.


People have no compunctions about being violent when they’re convinced that the subject lyono that violence is not a person. Ariko Benard November 26, The violence would have been more removed, she said. Be careful housebboy to judge the past by the present.

The theme of colonialism in reference to houseboy, novel by Ferdinand Oyono

Or he casually trod on my foot as I was doing up his sh I really enjoyed this novel by Oyono, my first – I’m probably going to look for more of his work. Can use in library and as book report choice for African literature course. Husband, Father, Researcher, Bike Guy. Being aware of such a “secret” is of course dangerous though the irony is that it is no secret at all. I am tired of writing those reviews and you all are tired of reading them.

Heinemann- Law – pages. The dark absurdity of white interference in Toundi’s world becomes readily apparent and deeply shocking. The one character that disagrees, Jacques Salvain, the headmaster of the school, makes a scene by comparing the lack of morals in Cameroun with the lack of morals in Paris. The story begins with a Frenchman in Spanish Guinea who encounters the narrator, Toundi Ondoua, as the boy approaches death. The Second Exercise book The Commandant returns from touring, and it is later discovered that he knew about his wife’s affair and returns because of it.

This novel, which was written decades ago is haunting and very powerful, evoking the colonial situation in black Africa in the past. Return to Book Page. Oyono uses two major themes to develop his story: Views Read Edit View history. How could he respect a man who acted without dignity? The initial image that Toundi had of a beautiful French Christian woman is deleted by her actions with the prison warden.


It is no wonder the Madame turned to Moreau.

In that way, am sure that a lot of people can relate to it. The author uses fefdinand West African boy to expose the white administration practices that were crude and evil to the Africans. There is a memorable passage in this work that reflects how much Hosueboy initially “worshipped” the whites; when he first meets the wife of his master and she awkwardly shakes his hand. I’m having a bit of a hard time rating this one.

Another world fiction challenge book, my fourth in a month; I’m overdosed on these right now and need to take a break.

I kind of understand why it ended the way it did because Toundi was unable to continue the diary, but man I would like to have gotten the last leg of the journey for Toundi. No matter the rank, education, poise, or beauty of the Africans who wished to assimilate, they remained lower even than the most unsavory and downtrodden white Frenchman. When Toundi sees the Commandant in the shower and realizes his master has not been circumcised— an important element in becoming a man in his Cameroonian tradition— he feels a pang of embarrassment.

A series of events brings him into the world of white foreigners where he begins to learn hard lessons about just how cruel men can be to each other, particularly when they don’t see each other as men, let alone equals. Jul 17, Henry Ozogula rated it it was amazing. You are commenting using your Facebook account.