Humedica MinedShare® Chosen by HealthEast Care System to Support ACO and Patient Centered Medical Home Initiatives. Sep 14, Humedica MinedShare analytics will also provide robust metrics to help health professionals at BQA better understand population health. The company’s key clinical analytics solution, Humedica MinedShare, is an integrated platform that combines retrospective analytic capabilities.

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We still have a lot of fear. They just had a hypertension collaborative, they are rolling out a diabetes collaborative, which is our first disease area for them. When they talked to us, it was clear that we had a very common mission and vision. New Years Day Hours Learn more!

It seems as though providers and patients had some different ideas about the underlying reasons why people are not in treatment. How does what you do relate to recent Federal policy moves?


Faced with skyrocketing drug overdoses, states are cracking down on opioid prescribing. In many cases docs who work for larger organizations are told by their bosses not to see sales reps. When we began investigating analytic solutions, we found that Humedica MinedShare was really the only option where we could easily access clinical, financial, and operational data in one platform,” said Jeff James, CEO of Wilmington Health. Doctors working for the Albany, Humecica.

Humedica provides its partners and customers with the informatics solutions necessary to improve, manage, and succeed in today’s dynamic healthcare market. The government had a big role but never took over agriculture unlike in the Soviet Minedzhare.

By the way, on your earlier point about balance between markets, did you mean outside of the provider market? There are approximately 1. Somebody who is a middle class, apparently well educated and well organized may have some similar transportation barriers or housing issues that someone who may be perceived as poor or as not having as much education.

The same can happen in health care, he says. So even during this podcast, in the time that we had this conversation, at least one more person will have become HIV positive.

A quick note on that before I shift to your payer point.


Anceta and AMGA is certainly a strategic partner and collaborator of ours. I would have guessed that there was more balance minfdshare the outset between the customer types. But for us to have the kind of impact we would like to have, we would like to have a database that is geographically and demographically representative of the U. They have been working on this for a while, because from a leadership perspective, they were early. Holiday Hours Learn more! The real key is to ask the person what their challenges might be and then try to work with them.

So time is our friend here. That way no matter where the person with HIV might come into the system, they can get linked to the other services that they might need. The other important thing to note is that EMR penetration in the provider world jinedshare roughly 20 percent.

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What we hope will come out of this survey is that health care providers will begin to better understand what the real barriers are and then can work with an AIDS service organization and other social service providers to help break down those barriers that can and help get people into treatment and keep them there.

He became chief medical officer in One of the things that appeared to be major issue for patients was a concern or fear about side effects of HIV medications. One are health care providers —by that I mean both infectious disease physicians the HIV specialists as well as primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, and others.

Through cutting-edge analytics, Humedica connects patient information across varied medical settings and time periods to generate a truly longitudinal and comprehensive view of patient care. What might things look like in say five to seven years if you achieve your growth plan?

Positive Charge is designed to target 13 really highly impacted communities across the country that have significant populations of people living with HIV and where some of the estimates of people who are not in care are most significant.

It is significantly higher than it was five years ago. We know that having valuable capabilities and assets that motivate the providers to do business with us and bringing meaningful value back to them is the only way to have long-term sustainability of the supply chain, and that is absolutely near and dear to our hearts.


View the discussion thread. It reminds everybody at least once a year that there are 1. The Humedica platform and the Anceta collaborative will permit us to achieve this goal,” James added. Meat lovers be prepared: Humedica MinedShare will serve as its unified solution, integrating to Wilmington Health’s long-established Electronic Medical Record EMR system and providing the medical group with a common platform to consistently monitor patient treatment, clinical outcomes, and resource utilization at the clinic and individual physician level.

Some of them certainly do, but it varies from one person to another what side effects they might experience. In a recent survey you indicated a pretty shocking number ofpeople with HIV in the U. We certainly intend to broaden, starting inand start doing work with the life sciences market once we have volumes of data that are large enough to allow for the analysis that matters to them in a deidentified HIPAA compliant way. For those people who are actually within the guidelines for treatment, the survey shared two main findings.

So I think as a society or coworkers or friends or family members, we just need to really think about how to be accepting and supportive of someone living with HIV.

Humedica MinedShare Ambulatory Clinical Analytic Solution Launches at AMGA 2010

With the benchmarking comparisons within and among hospitals, that same kind of information going to health plans or other payers might set off a bit of a race that would lead the benchmark levels to have to rise in order for the providers to stay in business. We would like to be in a large number of AMGA and Anceta sites, as well, contributing to that population, and we would like the data asset to be a sought-after humedicaa information resource by the Federal government.

Wilmington Health’s focus is on improving patient outcomes and further adopting data-driven quality improvement processes across the organization. Provider payments are based on practice results that are scored against minedshade predetermined metrics.