ICC ANSL A117.1-2003 PDF

Trademarks: “ICC,” the International Code Council logo and “Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities (ICC/ANSI Al )” are trademarks of the. This Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities (ICC Al) is a The edition of ANSI Standard A presented the first criteria for accessibil. Major changes/additions from ICC ANSI A – found in the edition of A 1. ICC ANSI. A – Section. ICC ANSI A –

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The International Symbol of Accessibil- ity shall comply with Figure Other handrails shall comply with Sections Plumbing elements and facilities required to be accessible by scoping provisions adopted by the administrative authority shall com- ply with the applicable provisions of Chapter 6.

Floor surfaces of ramp runs shall comply with Section A technology used to enter a car call by means of an up or down floor selection button. Receivers required for use with an assistive listening system shall include a V 8 -inch 3. Car parking spaces shall be 96 inches mm minimum in width.

ANSI A117.1 (2003): Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities

A hori- zontal grab bar 24 inches mm mini- lcc in length shall be provided on the control end wall beginning near the front edge of the bathtub and extend toward the inside corner of the bathtub. Where provided, curb ramp flares shall not be steeper than li: Each grab bar shall be 24 inches mm minimum in length, located 24 inches mm maximum from the head end wall and extend to 12 inches mm maximum from the control end wall.


a117.1-2003 Raised thresholds and changes in level at doorways shall comply with Sections and Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Standard roll-in-type shower com- partments shall have a clear inside dimension of 60 inches mm minimum in width and 30 inches mm minimum in depth, measured at the center point of opposing sides.

Elevator doors shall be horizontal sliding type.

2003 ICC Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities

The rear grab bar shall be permitted to be 24 inches mm minimum in length, centered on the water closet, where wall a117.12003 does not permit a grab bar 36 inches mm minimum in length due to the location of a recessed fixture adjacent to the water closet. Knee and toe clear- ance complying with Section shall be provided.

Two horizontal grab bars shall be provided on the back wall, one complying with Section 1a17.1-2003 visible sig- nal elements x117.1-2003 be 2V 2 inches 64 mm min- imum measured along the vertical centerline Visual and tactile information Tactile information 60 degree typ for equilateral triangle Q Fig. Door surfaces within 10 inches mm of the floor, measured vertically, shall be a smooth surface on the push side extending the full width of the door.

Table of Contents | ICC/ANSI A – | ICC premiumACCESS

Curb ramps and the flared sides of curb ramps shall q117.1-2003 located so they do not project into vehicular traffic lanes, parking spaces, or park- ing access aisles. Building Blocks a1171.-2003 b Fig. A jurisdictional body that adopts or enforces regulations and standards for the design, construction, or operation of buildings and facilities.

Car control buttons shall comply with Section The Type B units are intended to supplement, not replace, Accessible units or Type A units as speci- fied in this standard. Plumbing Elements and Facilities The down scan button shall sequentially select floors below the current floor.

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Grab bars shall be 6 inches mm maximum from a117.1-20033 adjacent wall. Protruding objects shall not reduce the clear width required for accessi- ble routes.

Full text of “ANSI A (): Accessible and Usable Buildings and Facilities”

Ramp runs shall have a running slope not steeper than 1: In existing elevators, manually operated doors shall not be required to com- ply with Section In existing elevators, a xnsl car door complying with Sec- tion Indicators shall be located above the car control panel or above the door. A proposal form and instructions can also be downloaded from www. Drive up only automatic teller machines and fare machines shall not be required to comply with Section A clearance around a water closet complying with Section Grab bars shall not be required to be installed in a bathing facility for a single occupant accessed only through a private ifc and not for common use or public use, provided reinforcement has been installed in walls and located so as to permit the installation of grab bars complying with Section A parcel of land bounded by a property line or a designated portion of a public right-of-way.

Handrails required by Section Treads shall be 1 1 inches mm minimum in depth. Grab bars for transfer type showers shall comply with Section