CONSOLIDATED EDITION – IMO. Thu, 06 Dec GMT to all SOLAS requirements applicable from 1 July , this edition. DOWNLOAD IMO SOLAS CONSOLIDATED EDITION imo solas consolidated edition pdf. Download: SOLAS Consolidated edition Description. and its protocol of document read online imo solas consolidated edition imo solas consolidated edition in this site is not.

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Regulations allow for “other means” to be edifion to comply with the functional requirements of each equipment item. Proposal for a decision. No longer in force, Date of end of validity: Siting of Bridge Displays Bridge displays should be editoon, where practicable, in a position to facilitate easy access and viewing and where the effect of any lighting necessary for the equipment does not interfere with the keeping of an effective lookout.

The 39 th session of the Facilitation Committee FAL 39 approved the amendments to the annex to the Facilitation FAL Convention with a view to adoption at Cosolidated 40, following the agreement at FAL 35 to initiate a comprehensive revision of the Convention with a view to ensuring that it adequately addressed the present and emerging needs of the shipping industry as well as to modernize its provisions, taking into account developments in the field of the transmission of information and data by consolidatted means and the single window concept.

The Commission therefore proposes a Council Decision on the position to be adopted on behalf of the European Union for the amendments cited in paragraphs 1.

EUR-Lex – PC – EN – EUR-Lex

Those amendments are expected to be adopted in the 96 th session of the MSC to be held in May The requirement to include a visa number where applicable in the crew and passenger lists results from Annex VI, point 3.

These means shall also transmit heading information for input to the equipment referred in paragraphs 2. All ships of gross tonnage and upwards and passenger ships irrespective of size shall, in addition to the requirements of paragraph 2.

A Pocket Guide to Recovery Techniques, Edition IAE All editlon on international voyages are required to have ship-specific plans and procedures for recovery of persons from the water, identifying the eq Administrations may exempt ships from the application of the requirement of paragraph 1.

Navigational equipment and systems ecition alternative modes of operation shall indicate the actual mode of use. Article 7 of the Directive provides that Member States shall accept FAL forms for the fulfilment of reporting formalities and after 1 June in electronic format only. Application and requirements Subject to the provisions of regulation 1.


These amendments to the ESP Code concern the harmonisation of the use of terms related to recognised organisations throughout the Code. When “other means” are permitted under this regulation, such means must be approved by Administration in accordance with regulation Those amendments are expected to be adopted at the 40 th session of the FAL to be held in April Article 5 Member States are hereby authorised to give their consent to be bound, in the interest of the Union, by the amendments referred to in Articles 1, 2 and 3.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. However all pleasure vessels are required to editon with Regulation The reporting formalities identified in the Annex to the Directive are classified in 3 categories: This Decision is addressed to the Member States.

SOLAS Consolidated Edition | MarineDocs

This site uses cookies to improve your browsing experience. Ships constructed before 1 July shall: The bridge navigational watch alarm system shall be in operation whenever the ship is underway at sea. Subject to the provisions of regulation 1.

All ships of gross tonnage and upwards engaged on international voyages and cargo ships of gross tonnage and upwards not engaged on international voyages and passenger ships irrespective of size shall be fitted with an automatic identification system AISas follows: New ships 1 July must comply fully with the requirements of this regulation. The analysis shall be used to identify and eliminate, as far as practicable, congestion which may develop during abandonment, due to normal movement of passengers and crew along escape routes, including the possibility that crew may need to move along these routes in a direction opposite to the movement of passengers.

International Conference on Tonnage Measurement of Ships, IE This publication establishes a universal system of tonnage measurement for ships engaged in international voyages.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Those amendments are expected to be adopted in the 69 th session of the MEPC to be held in April Conclusion The Commission therefore proposes a Condolidated Decision on the position to be adopted on behalf of the European Union for the amendments cited in paragraphs 1. This guidance outlines the potential dangers associated This Guide provides Government and industry practitioners responsible for the implementation, verification, compliance with, and enforcement of, the Article 3 The position of the Union at the 96 th session of the IMO Maritime Safety Committee shall be to agree to the adoption of the following amendments to: Shipborne navigational equipment and systems.


It is therefore necessary for the Council to authorise the Member States to express the position of the Union and express their consent to be bound by these amendments.

Existing ships may continue to comply with the regulations in force before 1 July except that they must be fitted with a GNSS receiver which replaces the requirement for a RDF receiver and AIS in accordance with the timetable specified in Reg. On all ships of gross tonnage and upwards, failure of one piece of equipment should not reduce the ship’s ability to meet the requirements of paragraphs 2. This guidance should be applied to equipment installed on or after 1 July Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union Legal basis: Manufacturers’ instructions for commissioning, inspection and maintenance must include specifications for the quality of water to be used throughout the life of the system and the water quality must be actively monitored on-board.

Having regard to the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, and in particular Article 2 and Article 9 thereof. It introduces in particular measures of relevance to the European Union concerning insertion of visa numbers in the passenger lists but not in crew lists and the right of authorities to make the use of electronic submissions of forms mandatory.

Expand all Collapse all. The position of the Union as set out in Articles 1 12 and 3 shall be expressed by the Member States, which are members of IMO, acting jointly in the interest of the Union. EU case law Case law Digital reports Directory of case law. Siting of Speed and distance measuring and echo sounding equipment Echo sounder transducers and SDME transducers on the hull surface should be sited so as to avoid, where practicable, the vicinity of all underwater openings in or projections from the hull such as plugs, anodes or other transducers, so that satisfactory overall performance is achieved.

Need more search options? The provisions of paragraph 2.