As she did in The Foretelling, Hoffman offers another fascinating glimpse of a past civilization—with reverberations for both past and. Read Common Sense Media’s Incantation review, age rating, and parents guide. Incantation Book Poster Image Alice Hoffman · Historical Fiction; Incantation. Synopsis. An Entertainment Weekly “Books We Loved This Year” selection. Winner of the Massachusetts Book Award A Winter

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I would definitely recommend Incantation for Middle School girls. It was not very complex, but well done. Only what they want to show you. But even she is shocked by the life-destroying results. Estella discovers the secrets of her family when she reads a poster in the town square describing the practices of Jews who hide beneath the protective veil of Christianity.

I loved the main character. Dec 07, Sarah Amelia rated it it was amazing Shelves: Truth in the darkness. She caught her first glimpse of a different side of her best friend. But they were not quite as forbidden, and Estrella made trips to see them with her mother when she went to sell noffman yarns.

Incantation is one of the most intriguing yet realistic books in incantaton market to date, showing the intensive life alkce many people during the period of Jewish hatred Books of the Week.

Synopsis – Alice Hoffman

How is reading a story like this different than reading a history textbook? Estrella begins to see Catalina in a new light. Her family is Jewish, and they have been practicing the religion, without Estrella even knowing that her religion is different.


I’ve never read a book and felt like the entire world it presents through the main character is in a haze.


I think my favorite passages all had to do wit So I wasn’t convinced this was the Spanish Inquisition. Estrella is a Marrano: Staying with her grandfather, grandmother, mother, and brother Louis, Estrella has many questions about her life but never fully understands or gets answers about her family traditions. Read more from the Study Hoffman.

Andres, the love of Estrella’s life, was kind, humble, handsome, and the one who got Estrella and her mother through the difficult journey. Andres, however, only has eyes for Estrella. Open Preview See a Problem?

Incantation compared to other books available shows the beliefs of a Jew and what the limitations to their religion that doesn’t allow them much freedom or they are given the horrible penalty of death. Based on 2 reviews.

I couldn’t put it down… Incantation is thrilling, beautiful, and just… unexplainable!


Hoffman’s usual poetic style seems stilted in hoffmam work, and while the bas Now, don’t get me wrong, I love Alice Hoffman; she’s one of my favorite writers! It is burned while the man cry’s and is mocked by the soldiers who caught him. I really liked this book.

This book made me so sad. In the beginning of this tale Estrella believes she as a person knows who she is a daughter, granddaughter, sister, beloved.

Incantation – Alice Hoffman – 5 Stars 8 21 Oct 28, An interesting novel, but not alixe which I would recommend if you’ve not read Hoffman’s work before. Get Incantation from Amazon.

Compact Disc – She envies her looks. The Rules of Magic.

They are Jews living as Christians during the Spanish Inquisition era. It’s sweet, and bitter. But Alice Hoffman’s style spans generations.


I felt so sad for those poor burning birds, then I realized the burning pile was made of books. With cryptic language and almost ethereal imagery, I could picture things, but it was almost as if the author did not want to present the situation as wholly real.

As her family is rounded up by the Inquisition, Estrella witnesses torments that are almost be beyond belief. Estrella finds that truth about her family and who she is, a hidden Jew. During that time, instead of constantly running, many Jewish people pretended to be Christian in order to set down roots and start a family, while keeping their Jewish faith and customs alive in secret.

This woman creeps me out in a good way. Incantation not only reinforces my admiration of Alice Hoffman’s talent, but also fuels my interest in this sad and tragic subject. Grandmother, Estrella fearful towards her, but later on she is the only strand of hope that leaves her Grandmother alive. Little things, actions, and rituals she’s known all of her life soon start making sense.

Incantation includes the cruel punishments that Jews experienced in Spain. Once Catalina discovers their love she does the worst thing imaginable betrays her dear friend by turning her family in to the authorities.

And thus the dominoes begin to fall.