This is a Project report conducted by me at IREL, OSCOM. I didi this Organizational Study as my internship project for the partial fulfillment of MBA .. At Chavara Kerala Manavalakurchi Tamil Naidu and Chatrapur Orissa. Organisation Study on IREL Chavara 1 DC School of Management and Technology | Trivandrum Summer Internship Program On Organization. Out sourcing of Internal Auditors for IREL Chavara Unit Kerala for the Financial Year of Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) and Employees As a result of study and evaluation of internal control and other.

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The IREL has own organidation eloquent testimony to its consistent export performance over the decades. Marketing occupies an important position in the organization of any business unit.


The marketing activities in the company are indirectly linked with the sales section. Page 14 distributed among the rest of the world. To analysis and assist plants in problem solving. Even with lot of work pressure they talked so well without and hesitation.

The attendance register usually keep in time office. The dredge also helps tapping the mineral values extending below the water table up to 6 meters. For its effective operations management must know what are its resources what it wants to achieve whether operation are going in accordance with the plan set and such other things which are to be considered.

USE IN INDUSTRY Rare earth elements are used in many modern technological devices including superconductors samarium-cobalt and neodymium-iron-boron high-flux rare-earth magnets electronic polishers refining catalysts and hybrid car components. In the year Fr. The black sand thus deposited years ago is mined and processed.


Page 52 Singapore etc. Sometimes head office also fixes quota customers wise if necessary for the supply of minerals and intimates time to time. Electrical conductivity Electrostatic separation is used in electrical conductivity. Expedition is taken for break own maintenance. In fact the purpose of this training is to create to managers with greater irle and who can provide creative solution to the organization they work in so it helps the student to become a organieation manager for the industry and efficient.

The customers of IRE Ltd are itel heavy industries like plant glass refineries ceramics etc. Taking corrective measures to rectify audit objections. Consumable Items Capital items which give return for long term revenue items or a consumable item means that which are consumable only for a short period. IRE is doing promotion of urel products by conducting conferences regular meetings with irrl sending sales executive to customer for providing information display of product information on official website.

IREL starts paying the Government loan. However 10 of this is only minerable resources base in India for other minerals are: Flotation cell for studies on flotation of minerals like Sillimanite monazite etc. The beach sand is treated by well gravity methods using spiral cones and jigs to produce minerals. The main functions of HR Department are: Average leave should not exist more than 15 days.


Indian Rare Earth Ltd adopted various techniques of training for increasing the mass productivity. Corporate plan is approved.


We are nonprofit website to share and download documents. To align towards strategic activities of DAE. This sand particle reaches sea through rivers. And this is to be sent to reviewing officer and then evaluating officer. Safety manual are printed in regional languages and distributed to all employees. Automatically changes to Flash or non-Flash embed. Today RED has built up large stock pile of. It is the one key element in the success of a group and virtually anyone can learn to be an effective leader.

To participate in the functioning of store purchase committee.

This plant was made operational way back in to take on processing of t of Monazite every year. Henceforth RED proposes to treat this hydroxide upgrade rather than fresh Monazite to convert thorium into pure oxalate and rare earth as two major fractions namely Ce oxide and Ce oxide free rare earth chloride.

We express our sincere thanks to all the staff of IREL, Chavara for their co-operation during my study in the company. Morale of the employees remains facilitating smooth working of the company. Nagercoil at a distance of about 18 km from the plant is the closest major railway station.