User guide for the Iridium A series satellite phone. A phone case. □ The user guide. Iridium A. With the Iridium A portable handheld satellite phone, you can stay in touch across seas and time zones. View and Download Iridium a instruction manual online. a Marine GPS System pdf manual download.

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Holding The Phone Got it, continue to print. Add An Entry 09PhBook-kg.

Use this feature to change it to something easy to remember. Iridijm show me this message again. Deactivating Pending Call Drop Signal If you don’t know or can’t locate the PUK1 code, please.

Don’t have an account? Turn the phone on and ensure that the antenna is extended and pointing.

Contact your service provider for additional information. You will be offered to set up your new PIN-code. While in a call: Using the Internal Charger A battery charger is built right into your phone.

Deactivate them for everyday use. Page of Go. If the message cannot be delivered to the service Message Failed centre, you will seefollowed by Managing Your Received Messages 11Message-kg. Canceling All Forwarding This feature cancels msnual call forwarding settings. Table of contents Table Of Contents Checking Phone Book Capacity Remove the SIM card from the tray.


Press to scroll to manial Numberand then press Voicemail Press to scroll to and then press to select. The LCD on your phone may respond slowly to key presses in extremely cold temperatures. Indicators A call is incoming. Phone Book Press until you seeand then press Fixed Dialing Press to scroll toand then press Press to scroll to one of the features described below.

Removing The Battery Additional Phone Features Viewing Signal Strength Iridium A Instruction Manual 4 pages Brand: Using Calling Features Potentially Explosive Atmospheres Attaching the Satellite Antenna.

Iridium 9505a User Guide

Managing Other Security Settings Message Description You need to fully extend the Orient Antenna antenna upwards with a clear unobstructed view of the sky. Call a Selected Entry 1.

Extend the antenna by pulling out on the end of it. If you see in the display, you will not be able to charge this battery. Personalizing The Options Menu 16Custom-kg.


Clear All Stored Information Do not wear the phone on your body while making calls with the headset accessory.


Phone Setup Menu 12PhSetup-kg. Also See for a User manual – pages Quick connect manual – 4 pages Quick manual – 2 pages. To go to the next message: This helps use less battery power. Warranty Information A Product for which a replacement has been provided shall become Iridium’s property. Edit An Entry 09PhBook-kg. Adjust Ringer Volume Page useer You must rotate and extend the antenna as quickly as possible to receive the call.

Showing The Lifetime Timer Activating Extended Menus 12PhSetup-kg. Press and hold to turn the phone on and off. Phone Setup Press until you seeand then press Phone Lock Mxnual to scroll toand then press Press to scroll to one of the features described below. SIM card is full.