ISO and PSPC, the term used is. “nominal dry film thickness.” • For consistency in comparisons of area in this article, square meters are used to describe. STANDARD. ISO. Second edition. Reference number. ISO (E). This is a free 5 page sample. Access the full version online. ISO Paints and varnishes – Corrosion protection of steel structures by protective paint systems – Measurement of, and acceptance.

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ISO – Free Download PDF

When using this method, the following details of this International Standard do not apply: Technical data sheets; Safety data sheets; Coating system no.

It is, however, recognized that this is not a practical procedure in many inspection environments, for example when the substrate is not accessible as it has been coated before testing commences or when processing such as welding, cutting, bending, etc. If this is not possible, a special adjustment sample can be provided which is, in its material properties that can affect the ilm thickness measurement, similar to the steel structure and has been cleaned and pre-treated in the same way.

This number shall be increased for inspection areas having a dificult coniguration with regard to paint application or measurement or limitations in accessibility dificult areas. These instruments are mainly used to measure the thickness of coatings on non-magnetic i.


NOTE A practical assessment of these local effects can be carried out on an uncoated and fref sample of the substrate concerned to determine the effect on the zero adjustment of a gauge set up on an uncoated, smooth, lat, clean steel test plate as deined in 5.

This equipment may incorporate a statistical capability. Representative photographic examples of the change of appearance imparted to steel when blast-cleaned with different abrasives ISO Bolts, nuts, caps, sticky tape, fabric, tarpaulin, rubber can be suitable protection.

Acceptance criteria: ISO 19840 and coating system

The instrument is now ready for use. PowerPoint Presentation – Joan Miro. Rust grades and preparation grades of uncoated steel substrates and of steel substrates after overall removal of previous coatings [2] ISOPreparation of steel substrates before application of paints freee related products — Visual assessment of surface cleanliness —Part 2: International organizations, governmental and non-governmental, in liaison with ISO, also take part in the work.

Connecting data records on quality Following completion of a series of measurements, and preferably during the measurements, the adjustment of the instrument shall be re-veriied. Inspections should be done 2 times per shift every 4 hour Acceptance criteria: Also check that the probe and the surface to be frre are clean and uncontaminated.

Inspection shall be done on every coated parts. Log In Sign Up. The value obtained is the correction value.

The measurement instruments used are adjusted. If discrepancies occur, the instrument adjustment should be repeated. Development of speciications for new work and maintenance 3 Terms and deinitions For the purposes of this document, the following terms and deinitions apply.


In this standard, individual readings are used. If a correction value frde used, it shall be subtracted from the individual reading to give the individual dry-ilm thickness in micrometres.

Soiling of the painted surfaces between layers is inadmissible. Work conforms to the requirements?

Should be done before painting. Classiication of environments ISOPaints and varnishes — Corrosion protection of steel structures by protective paint systems — Part 3: Following the results of fulfillment and inspection of painting processes a person responsible for those issues a Painting Report in accordance with enclosed forms.

Various forms of the instrument are available, including a simple pencil type, a spring balance type and another type to which tension is applied by turning a calibrated circular dial until the magnet and attached spring dree from the coated surface.

Individual reading Correction value used Resulting individual Individual dry-film see Table 2 of dry-film thickness thicknesses outside of ISO Rust grades and preparation grades of uncoated steel substrates and of steel substrates after overall removal of previous coatings.

If speciied or agreed, the standard can also be used for other applications. The irst value shall then be rejected and replaced by the result of the repeated measurement.