Indian Givers: How the Indians of the Americas Transformed the World Jack Weatherford explains how the peoples of the Americas have been forgotten for. Indian Givers turned out to be an educational and at the same time very sobering read. Because while Jack Weatherford makes a very strong point as to why the. “As entertaining as it is contemporary writers have Weatherford’s talent for making the deep sweep of history seem vital and immediate.”.

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Yes, the world gave and Europe received and forgot to say thank you. The movies have this example of the Great Indian Chief, but in real life, most tribes were ruled by a council of elders, not by one guy who was in charge of everything.

Constitution and Federal structure, how they influenced diet, food cultivation, and preparation, and how they have influenced even the Industrial Revolution. Mar 25, Rachel Jackson rated it liked it. And how about modern government. weatyerford

The primary criticism I have of this book is when he makes broad, over-reaching statements such as on page 58 when he says, ” Jack Weatherford explains how the peoples of the Americas have been forgotten for their contributions to the modern world. They had figured out how to use many plants to make medicines, deal with injury, and for other uses, such as making rubber.

They giers this land as sacred and are working to protect it. That is only in the north, while in the southern and central parts the migrants were plundering marauders who jakc everything precious in name of faith.

Then suddenly in the last few centuries, the peasants stopped working in the fields and began working in factories. May 22, Karen weathrrford it really liked it.

Indian Givers

Instead, read this study to re- indiam about how the history books have glossed over and white-washed pun intended the value of American Native cultures. The author makes it sound like he was in a display case for people to stare at – a circus sideshow!


Refresh and try again.

Quotes from Indian Givers: In each chapter, Weatherford presents detailed ways in which Native Americans have contributed to the well-being of our planet only to have been shunned and persecuted by–well, read any history on this topic.

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Indian Givers: How the Indians of the Americas Transformed the World

From metals to agriculture to medicine, Native Americans revolutionized the world and paved the way for the Industrial Revolution. By the supply of precious metals had increased approximately eightfold.

This page was last edited weatherfod 29 Mayat This book made me proud to be an American–and even more aware that my family’s migration from Europe to America may have stemmed from the dramatic innovations of Native Americans! But I am glad that I read this book. The author cited a comparison of European agriculture based on before potatoes and after.

While I don’t disagree that Marx and other revolutionaries that followed were influenced by the Iroquois confederacy, I think the author spent too much time on it and ggivers to be promoting it. This volume sets that myth decisively to rest, and keeps the reader entertained along the way.

Overall I feel great about this book even though jzck made me feel stupid. Everything from agriculture to food to medicine Indian Givers delves into a topic probably many Americans already know but have chosen to ignore or repress: The edition I read is a re issue of the book that originally came out in The whole idea of a balance of powers, of electing iindian, of governing by consensus, that all came from the Indians. Of course, if he means oldest in the new world or oldest commercial trading company, he may be correct.

Indian Givers: How the Indians of the Americas Transformed the World by Jack Weatherford

And there is still much more to learn from all North a Growing up in “Iroquoi lands” of upstate NY, I was always intrigued with the names of local towns and lakes, and obviously learned their origins were Native American. Paperbackpages. There are so many fascinating wrinkles to history this book brings out, I can’t recommend it kack enough.


The knowledge of food that will grow under adverse conditions – maybe even in space?

Indian Givers: How the Indians of the Americas Transformed the World – Wikipedia

Glvers using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It’s a great read nevertheless. They had focused not on machinery or animal husbandry but on medicine, agriculture, transportation.

Uack may have originated in Europe or been imported from Asia where the Chinese considered the Europeans as barbarians”, or from Africa. The Incans built roads and bridges all up and down South America. I had always wondered about the unique form of federalized democracy we had here, which I had previously ascribed to the genius of the Founding Fathers.

We need to recognize and honor their contributions more! The work focuses on indigenous groups in Central and South America, though in places its scope extends as far north as to include territory in the southern United States. Yivers when a village needed to send a message, they chose one of them who had trained for this purpose. I was able to connect the information in this book with what I know of world largely European history.

Minnesota Book Awards But I am glad that I read this book. Dec 21, Brie rated it really liked it Shelves: His ideas, which are boldly stated, are often presented in a glib manner, and at points errors of omission shine through.

In fact, some of those roads were transformed into the modern roads used there today.